It is quite a known fact that LinkedIn is the ruler of the B2B social media platform. But it gets frustrating fast when you don’t know how to generate leads from LinkedIn. Well, we are here to tell you that you are not alone. There are tons of people out there who find navigating LinkedIn difficult. That is why here at softrick we offer you LinkedIn marketing that will make our work easy for you at a bargain no less. On the other hand, if you are determined to learn for yourself then we are here to help you. What we learned doing our LinkedIn marketing services Is the certain trends are followed from time to time in LinkedIn lead generation. For that, you also need to have some basic understanding of LinkedIn marketing practices that are common and familiar. We provide you with impactful results but success in our business as well.

If you have subscribed to our services to make your business a brand then you are ready to create some awareness with your brand. You need to establish business relationships and generate leads on LinkedIn to get more connections for your brand. But first, let’s introduce you to lead generation in general, and let us tell you why it is important for your business?

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is taken to encompass all activities relating to finding and identifying potential customers. Many companies use different tactics and techniques to grow their lead generation, it is important for the LinkedIn marketing agency to have a possible plan to enact this search.

As for the answer of why they are important? You can think of it as fueling your sales pipelines. The pipeline is your business. You might not know it but the leads you generate are some of the future clients that turn into paying customers. Even if that percentage is small, but sometimes sit gets quite hard to positive leads with maximum efforts.

And for this reason alone there are countless strategies and plans you need to make and prepare. Balancing quality and quantity between your lead generations on LinkedIn is the key. Theoretically speaking more leads means more business but that becomes the case when there is a small percent of leads becoming customers. Hence it is better to let this be handled by professionals who know what strategies to readjust and renew to make your business more efficient. It saves you time and money as well. If you are a person who is committed to learning then we commend you but if you are running a business and doing all this yourself then you are wasting that precious time and money in learning while a LinkedIn marketing agency will give your profits in no time since they are specially trained experts in this field. To convert 50 leads into 10 paying customers is a job for a marketing solutions Linkedin

Let’s head on to the main attraction of this article!

Here are some of the most famous trends for LinkedIn lead generation that you should follow for 2021!

All the other social media platforms are evolving due to business opportunities and LinkedIn is no different. Things always change for the better on social media. It is recommended that you should be watching out for new trends and media marketing techniques to bring your business to the next level.

 1. Video marketing:

Video marketing

Did you know that 80 % of the traffic on the internet is video traffic? When it comes to engaging your customer’s attention videos are the best. They are a useful tool in creating leads generation tools. LinkedIn has dished video templates for the B2B marketers to make it easier. These new developments in the video features include the ability to see news that is trending and major industry insights. They are used by companies so that they can make informed and intelligent decisions.

If you want to promote your brand then using the webinar event promo feature on LinkedIn is perfect for you. And if you do I right it can also be used to establish transparency and trust in the related business niche. You can also use event recaps to let people catch up o what they missed and create a better engagement element. Keeping your audience in the loop and updating them on current and past events of your brand helps them feel included and supported. It is also a great way to share new information with your customers.

Posting company values with videos on your LinkedIn company page will bring cultural respect. It helps your audience identify with your brand image and what it stands for. They love to know what goes on behind the scenes. If you are running a charity or a relief center that helps your community through your purchases and proceedings then play that as an advertising angle. Sharing a personal connection with your audience brings in more business and with it profits. What better way to do just that with the help of videos.

 2. Mobile videos:

Mobile videos

What is the one thing that you can expect every person you met to have? That’s right it is a cellphone. The world is living and breathing on their cell phones every minute of every day. More than half of users of LinkedIn are viewing feeds and videos on their cell phones. Hence creating mobile-friendly videos will be in your favor. One thing you can do to make your videos more mobile-friendly is adding a sound off feature to your linkedin marketing strategy

Because most of the videos that are played on a cell phone are without sounds. Optimizing your video content space for mobile viewers also helps you tremendously.

 3. Creating hashtags:

Creating hashtags

Many online marketers are using hashtags to get more attention on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn audience grows more and more every day. Hence that content and its quality need to be filtered and categorized and famously hashtagged to grab attention. You can hashtag your content easily. You can also do that with your company profile as well as videos to maximize your brand’s exposure to your audience. The best thing about hashtags is that you can also use them to search for relevant conversations to express your opinions in or use their comment on anything you want. You can uses hashtags to market your brands and drive leads.

Make sure to use hashtags that are catchy and easy to remember as it makes it easier for the audience to remember you and your brand and find you.

 4. Join and share content:

Join and share content

Using linked in groups to boost your brand’s enjoyment with consumers leads to more leads generation. A user can join 100 groups at a time. By engaging with your consumers and possible customers you can create professional business relationships that will benefit you in the future. It also helps you in learning new marketing strategies to drive leads.

Here are a few tips on how you can do just that with these easy steps to follow:

  • Post a comment and share your achievements and goals you hope to achieve with the support of your customers
  • Ask questions, opinions on what your audience likes and doesn’t like. I.e. if you are launching a new product you can best it out by asking your consumers about it.
  • Post your content and articles to give information about common events and things your brand and audiences are interested in.

 Make your business more accessible on LinkedIn:

You can make use of your employee’s reach on our social media platforms to promote your brand. You should ask your employees to market your brand on their social media by linking your profile pages and personal content. Many companies you see nowadays are doing it and it is working superbly. Making your employees your brand ambassadors boost their enjoyment with your company and brings in quality leads through them.

 1. Use big data:

Use big data

It is used by marketers present on LinkedIn that make informed decisions. It gives you insights into the latest trends like what your audience wants, what is in demand in your businesses niche, and the kind of audience you are driving in. checking big data regularly helps you track your agencies change in tastes and choices due to the events that took place, events that affect the mass in general. The biggest example is the worldwide pandemic we all are suffering from and its lockdown. Big data helps you get leverage in creating custom marketing strategies that are operative.

 2.Targeting your audiences

Targeting your audiences

Targeting is the new strategic approach that many people on linked in are using to market their content. Using the same content on every client gets quite boring and loses the appeal for your audience. The job of optimizing your customers and potential customers has become more difficult than you would have thought. That is why it is easier and cheaper to hire a marketing solution LinkedIn to do the work for you. At Softrick Solutions, we help create a personalized experience for your audiences that will mesmerize them and motivate them to become your loyal patrons. LinkedIn has been using advanced features for quite a while. That is what changing trends and bringing in new strategies to grab potential customers’ attention has been increasing.

That is why we recommend you to keep an eye out for LinkedIn trends so you can make your brand competitive as all the other brands.

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