We deliver visually attractive and functionally advanced, WordPress websites. Softrick web development team works hard to deliver an outstanding level of optimization and performance..

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Why WordPress?

WordPress is an old name in the world of internet and due to its wide usage and supple management system, it is a great pick to make.


  • WordPress is highly user friendly.
  • It offers versatility to all types of businesses.
  • The platform has more than 50,000 plugins which boost the functionality of one’s website impeccably.
  • It is quick to setup, easy to maintain and budget friendly.
  • Highly reputable companies like Disney, Tech Crunch and BBC use this platform for their online businesses.

Services Offered

Everything from WordPress Development in One Place

Our team of professionals at Softrick Solutions, offer professional web development service of WordPress sites. From designing to development and from plugins to security assurance; everything in one place!

  • Full Analysis

    Our team of developers and designer analyze your website and business needs to set the foundation of your website accurately.


  • Create Plan

    A plan is then crafted, to meet the business needs of the specific client. Our team ensures that the plan is functional and advance.

  • Implementation of Plan

    We implement the plan, once the client is satisfied with what we have to offer. This ensures satisfactory outcomes.

  • Result Analysis

    Our WordPress websites speak for themselves. The results are outstanding in terms of design, performance, features and functionality.

The Softrick solutions advantage

other highlights

  • We offer on page SEO.
  • Customized plugin development services available.
  • We offer free technical support for 3 months.
  • We only use royalty free images.
  • Web development consultant available for hosting etc.