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We work on the basis of transparency and thus, we have some simple terms and conditions we tend to follow. With them, we are able to transform your dreams into reality, magically.

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Terms & Conditions

Before you hire our professional web development service; here are some terms to abide by!

The founder of Softrick Solutions has access to modify the terms and conditions at any given time. Thus, as a new potential client of our agency, you must read through these terms and agree to them completely before you avail our services. We believe in honest communication and complete transparency. Thus, being on the same page with us, will help you and our team both, in delivering excellent outcomes.

We may modify our website when needed:

The IT industry keeps growing and new frameworks and technologies are constantly making their way in our work environment. Therefore, we can modify or restrict the use of our website to some specific areas. As a new comer, you must read through the conditions we function on. If you already working with us, we will update you about any changes that are being made, so that the transparency can be maintained.

Data Provided to you must be kept private:

While working on a project, our web development agency team can share some confidential codes or data that must be kept private by all means. Do not share any information with your colleagues or friends. Once you share that given data with anyone, our team does not remain responsible for its security. You and only you, are responsible for keeping your data secure. We make everything 100% secure for our clients, on our end.

We hold no accountability to third party connections through our website:

There are different third parties linked to our website, for the sake of your knowledge. However, we are not accountable to anything, if you link to them. If you get any data from them, we are not responsible for that. It is under your control as to whether you have to use that data or not. We are not accountable for any data that the third parties may share with you. Moreover, we are not liable to any content or services that they offer.

Terms and Conditions might be modified:

Terms and conditions can be altered at any time by the founder of this website and company. All the services offered, will then be modified accordingly. However, if you are a client of Softrick Solutions, we will notify you of all the changes we are making. But if you are a newcomer, please read through the conditions and explore the website completely, before signing up with us for a project.

Cancellations and Refunds are Entertained:

We feel gratified to state that our clients never request for a refund or cancellation. However, if due to any reason, you might want to approach for it, we will entertain you. We always keep our clients first and ensure that their needs are our priority. Here are the chances when we entertain refund or cancellation:

  • We provide a complete refund if the project is not initiated or executed at the level that the client requested or as we promised.
  • If our team has completed a set of missions of your project and they have been delivered; there will be no refund for those accomplished missions. This is because we keep updating our clients and if anything is not up to your requirements; it is simply not delivered. We only deliver once the client is satisfied. Thus, you have to pay for that accomplishment. The rest can be refunded if you do not wish you continue, due to any reason.
  • The client is supposed to pay for the working hours, once the project is commenced. If you think that the project is not meeting the required milestone, you can refund or cancel the remaining project. However, you do need to pay for the working hours invested in your project, by our team.
  • If the project is completed and fulfilled; no refund or cancellation will be entertained. As mentioned above, we only deliver once the client is satisfied. Therefore, no excuses will be entertained after the delivery is made. If our payment is not made, we can turn towards official investigation of the matter.
Use our website carefully:

Every website has its own set of rules and we tend to keep the process simple for our clients. Kindly use the website carefully. Each service has its requirements and you need to understand those before signing up with us for the project. We have a timeline for each service and we cannot deliver before that. In some cases, where the project’s scope of work is less, the delivery might be made earlier than expected. In other cases, we have a timeframe and we set it according to urn client.

Everything on accessible on this website is our intellectual property and we do not allow anyone to make any modifications to them or request for changes. We work on our rules. Our team is extremely strict about abiding by the terms and conditions, which makes our work ethic stand out. Therefore, question us regarding any confusion that you might have while exploring our website. And our support team will be there to answer you.

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