LinkedIn is now an important part of our social media interaction. It has turned into a primary hub for lead generations and connections that create the tools that help our brand get the brand awareness it needs in the professional business world. Did you know that according to many reports and statistics LinkedIn ranks at the top for enhancing brand recognition especially in the B2B experts circle? LinkedIn strategic values are respected well among all aspects of branding our business. Business entrepreneurs and professionals have LinkedIn in their highest regards when it comes to lead generation. It is the most trustworthy platform for acquiring authentic information to make business decisions and get either organic or paid B2B marketing tools. It is a place of tough competition and experts that is why if you are not an expert in generating leads and making your business a success on LinkedIn then it is in your best interest to hire brand building service that will handle your business marketing and legal generation with experience and expertise. At Softrick Solutions, we help you elevate your brand name and level up your lead generation process. And with the experience we have gained we are sure to make you a formidable brand that has its strong social standing in the LinkedIn world of business.

Here are some tips and suggestions to make your brand more prominent and efficient in acquiring more leads and traffic with LinkedIn.

Turning profile views into a business:

If you are a LinkedIn user then you will survey be familiar with the “someone has viewed your profile” feature that you receive in your emails. You might not think much of it and chuck that email in the bin in seconds but that is the worst mistake you can do. Look at them through the eyes of an opportunist. These are not views of your profile but possible leads that might turn into business relationships in the future. You should follow that email and reach out to the person who viewed your profile. Here is an easy way to do this:

Turning profile views into a business

Click on the icon that says “who’s viewed your profile” and then track done who was the pardon that viewed your profile. Then you can take the next step to send them a professional message that acknowledges their interest in our business, ask them questions about what product and service are they interested in and leave e them with a contact and friendly reminder that they can contact you anytime for any business-related proposition or deals.

Target your audience radius:

LinkedIn is the greatest marketing social media platform for professional and serious businesses that want to make a business connection and relations. And a LinkedIn lead generation strategy will give you more chances to achieve that goal. Firstly you need to highlight the best aspects of your business. LinkedIn provides you with easy-to-use tools for that purpose. These tools help you deliver quality content and ads to the people who are more likely to turn into successful leads and potential future clients. They also percent you form hyper-targeting, setting up different campaigns and their performances, and more! Retarget them with the purpose of potential customers. With this, you can nurture them by building an existing target audience who have shown interest in your business on LinkedIn. You can collect these leads from different sources like people who visited your website, registering for an event, viewed or liked your promotional video ads, or by filling out a lead generation form.

Target your audience radius

Optimize your brand LinkedIn profile:

It is a known fact that the chances of more business propositions come from online marketing and better search engine visibility. LinkedIn is a very big part of that solution since having an optimized LinkedIn profile and company page it becomes easier for you to find and make like-minded matched and business relationships. It also helps people with the same ideas and business-minded people to find you for better opportunities. You can follow these steps to boost your brand on LinkedIn:

  • Make a precise and relevant business title/ name of the company that standouts
  • Use words of action to appear more professional and enthusiastic
  • Describe your business niche and yourself in your profile
  • Use the keywords that are right in your biography and homepage description section.
  • Use links that land your viewers on your website/ blogs/ profile decryption/ latest posts that tells your customers that you are active online.

Optimize your brand LinkedIn profile

Update and post regularly:

The content on your profile is very important for your audience. It is the main way they gain more information about your brand, business, service, and products. If that is not up-to-date or left unattended then it might cost you leads and potential clients that will result in your business loss. Keep in mind that quantity should never proceed with quality. Just post on it regularly about information that will help our clients know what your business is about. You don’t need to post daily or 5 times a day to keep your viewers entertained as long your content is informative, concise, and relevant. That is all you need. Keep the days of your posts regular and consistent. It helps your brand create an image that you are trustworthy and care about quality.

Update & post Regularly

Linkedin profinder:

This is the service that LinkedIn provides for its dedicated users. Many freelancers and independent professionals and business owners use this service. This new feature is inspired by websites like Fiverr and Upwork that allow freelancers to make a place of their o in the business world. It allows you to use LinkedIn’s vast amount of user data to find the right person for any job.

Linkedin profinder

Networking through group conversations:

One of the best ways to promote your business on LinkedIn is by making your presence known. You can do that by actively participating in a group that reconnected to your company page. Having an active online presence in your company group chats proves your authority to people who have questions about your company’s whereabouts and ear of expertise. It allows you to be connecting with people on their level and build networks that are useful to your company. You can also include helpful links in your content that helps you in driving traffic.

Networking through group conversations

Networking is a very important part of making a new business connection that benefits you in the long run. Make sure that these discussions are not revolving around selling your business but more as helping and informative. Your comments might even help turn potential leads into future clients to your service.

Use the plugins:

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for generating leads easily and conveniently. It becomes more powerful to use if you integrate it with complementary add-ons.

Use the plugins

  • Rapprotive:

This is a tool for Gmail users who have social media accounts on Twitter, Skype, and browsers like chrome and Firefox. What it does is run to get a list of any LinkedIn profiles and create email addresses with contacts in your name. It then builds you a network by sending them personalized LinkedIn invites directly from your inbox.


  • LinkedIn connection revealer:

If you are not an expert then it becomes a tough task in spotting influencers on LinkedIn. Their audience number might be from 500 or 500,000, or their profile would say it is 500+ connections. Hence the question arises how do you know if they are people who are well connected on LinkedIn or not? The answer is the LinkedIn connection revealer. It tells you the easy number of connections any person on LinkedIn has. At this point, you can use this information to engage with them and take advantage of their big connection circle and leverage their platform for your brand exposure.

  • Headline:

It is paid Google plugin that automatically generates hundreds of catchy and innovative headlines combinations that contain SEO keywords you specify. For example, if your promotions include a video campaign you can type video marketing trends to obtain persuading titles that will help you in getting clicks on your ads. Traffic is important for your LinkedIn profile. Softrick Solutions LinkedIn lead generation agency will help you do that and more!


  • LinMaiPro:

This is also one of the google chrome extensions that helps you to automatically identify and invite people who have clicked or viewed your profile. It is a great time-saving tool that makes the implementation of tip numbers much easier.

Engage your employees to post your companies content:

Through various reports and statistic reports acquired from experts, it has been revealed that 50% of all employees already port on social media about the companies or businesses they work with. Why not use the advantage your employees provide you. You can ask them to share updates and information about your brand. This technique not only enhances your brand popularity but generates traffic and leads for you as well.

Engage your employees to post your companies content

Softrick Solutions LinkedIn b2b lead generation helps companies achieve these goals by allowing the marketers to choose and pick up company content that is approved by the employees so they can share it with their social circle in just a few clicks. It is proved through famous strategists that people tend to listen to people in their social media circle than official marketing campaigns. Using strategic plans results in an increase in traffic and 25% more leads.

Sponsor your content:

Sponsor your content:

They help you to get attention on LinkedIn feeds prom people who are likely to find your content useful. You can use:

  • Aesthetically pleasing images as thumbnails
  • Create attention-grabbing headlines
  • Make more connections

Personalize our messages:

Your prospects are more likely to engage with your messages if they are more personalized and relatable. Using LinkedIn dynamic ads you can target specific people with marketing messages. The statistics say that 11.3% at a cost per lead with 68% less than other social media channels. That’s how effectively LinkedIn lead generation ads work. They not only connect you with people that are relevant to your business but covert the leads into personalized post clicks on your landing pages.

Personalize our messages

So, what are you waiting for? Signup with softrick solutions for all your brand-building service needs and much more.