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Privacy Policy

Softrick Solutions considers the client’s privacy as its priority. We commit to securing your data through a three point code of conduct for maintaining online privacy.

  • Our team never demands for unnecessary information. We never misuse of reshare customer’s data for our benefit.
  • We do not believe in sharing the client’s information with anyone else. Even if it is important to share the data, we take permit from our customers first.
  • Our promise is to keep all private data confidential. Our customers are highly valuable for us and we intend to protect their information in all ways possible.
What We Collect?

We only collect the data that is necessary. It contains personally identifying information. This includes the basics like your name, language preferences, email and browser type etc. This data is utilized to understand the customer intent towards visiting our website. And thus, it helps us in enhancing our user experience, making it positive for our visitors.


Protection is our priority and thus, we keep it on the higher level. We secure our website by using latest technologies which ensure us effective outcomes. Our database has all our customer’s and client’s data secured in them and with the right technology, we lock them safely.

There are some points where the visitors decide to communicate with our website in a different manner than regular visitors. In such scenarios, we plan to collect a little personal data so that we can be safe from fraudulent. However, no matter what the situation, we do not tend to release any visitors data. Thus, there is nothing to worry about while working with our agency. Your data’s complete security is our priority and we stand by our commitment in all times and in all possible ways.

In cases, where you wish to become a client with Softrick Solutions, the need of additional information becomes crucial. These might include pieces of data like bank details, social security number etc. We validate the individual’s identity before interacting with them for any project.

There are situations when our team might come to a point where the personal identifying information has to be shared with contractors or our employees. For instance, if our team is working on your project, the employees will be given access to your data. However, only the team that is assigned your project will have access to it. We protect all data available on our site and ensure that it won’t be modified or used by our team.


Updates can take place in our privacy policy. It is our right to modify or come up with new policies. It is recommended that you must read through the privacy terms before signing up to work with us. If you are a client already, then you will be notified about any changes that are being made and will be requested to check them.