Softrick Solutions offers incredible infographic design services, ranging from animated to interactive and static. Our team further markets the infographics to provide success to your business.

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Why Infographic Design Services?

Infographics are the game changer these days as people tend to magnetize towards visuals more. They allow you to showcase a vast amount of information, through graphics and appealing designs.

  • Studies show that the human brain tends to process visual information more appropriately, throughout the day.
  • Simple text is no longer attractive for the audience. Facts showcased in the form of visuals are much more appealing.
  • Infographics have innumerable digital marketing perks. They helps you drive traffic to your website and also boost your online presence.
  • 80% of internet users, are attracted towards infographics due to the colorful graphics and designs. It helps them engage with the image and actually read through what it has to say.
Infographic Design Services

Services Offered

Everything from Infographic Design in One Place

Softrick Solutions has everything for its clients, in one place. Infographics are powerful and game changing for online businesses these days. Understanding the need of this form of visual content, we have a team of expertise, dedicated to designing your infographics from scratch, till the end…

  • Full Analysis

    Our team begins with analyzing your business and the facts and figures you want to put into infographics. We setup a detailed meeting with our customers, to understand their perspective and offer ours, after analyzation.

  • Create Plan

    Once our professionals understand what the client wants and how the infographics have to be designed, to enhance user engagement and boost online presence; we create a plan. Our plans are completely personalized, from business to business.

  • Implementation of Plan

    The plan presented to the client, is the exact one that gets executed as well. Our expertise believe in gaming the trust of our customers. Thus, we ensure that the implementation process is kept transparent with our clients.

  • Result Analysis

    The outcome with Softrick Solutions is 100% satisfactory. However, we believe in client satisfaction. Thus, we regularly update our customers about the progress through reports and tracking tools.

The Softrick solutions advantage

other highlights

  • Team of certified motion art and graphic designers.
  • We also provide digital marketing for your infographics.
  • We only use images and icons which are royalty free.