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Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a technical and graphical game that needs hands of technical professionals. If you feel the need for any desired app development, get the best services pro in technology and deliverance.

In-Depth Research

With the help of in depth research on top trending technologies, our developers choose the best technologies for your app development keeping in mind the latest trends and technologies.

Breakthrough Planning

Breakthrough planning enables you to run applications without any glitches or errors. With the help of our experts, we make it possible for keeping in mind your convenience.

Diverse Industry Expertise

Having diverse expertise, we let you excel in all of the fields related to your business. Join hands with us to let your business flourish technically.

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Our Approach to a Successful Project

Project Vision

Our mobile app development services begin with elaborate discussion sessions with the client which helps us in creating an interactive approach for our agency. Through these meetings, our professionals understand the objectives, goals and needs of the client and are able to create a plan that best suits their budget and time frame, whilst maintaining quality and assuring customer satisfaction.

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Technology Consultation

Every project requires a different set of technologies. We have various mobile app development software and we pick the ones that resonate with our client’s business. Our team constantly researches and updates new technologies, to develop and implement better frameworks for outstanding results. We only recommend the best and amazing solutions to our clients.

Business Analysis, Software Architect and Prototyping

Once the no-functional and functional requirements of our clients business have been determined, the process of prototyping he product begins. We start by deciding the software architect and then develop a prototype for our client. Our team uses data flow design techniques and in-depth functional analysis to craft effective and mountable architect for the mobile application.

Design 1
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Our team of UX/UI designers at Softrick Solutions, craft unique designs that are 100% original. We understand what mobile app users require, thus our designer focus on crafting an app that is free of all distractions and bugs. Once the prototype is approved and all the plan is understood, only then the app is built. The UI team makes the app visually pleasing by adding all the perfect art elements.

Quality Assurance

Softrick Solutions does not compromise on quality, thus constant testing and quality assurance methods are carried out, throughout the development phase. With the latest testing software’s and tools, our team makes sure that the final product is free of all errors and is premium in terms of quality. Through innovation and vigorous testing, we deliver real time outstanding results to our clients.

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With the help of the best frameworks available in the market, we are able to deliver the best custom web development. Our team of professionals design and develop apps that are mobile friendly and highly efficient in performance. Our developers create hybrid and native platform based apps, depending on whatever the client requests for.


Softrick Solutions has the best and most unique deployment techniques that help us attain flawless apps. They perform exceptionally well, once they are in the app store. We offer both Google Plat store and iTunes App Store submission services to our clients. Once we submit the app to the stores, our maintenance and support services are offered 24/7, to deal with any dilemma.

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Maintenance and Support

Our support and maintenance services are offered around the clock that help us deliver brilliant services to our clients. Our maintenance team takes care of the updates that are required and make sure they are done timely. If our client wishes to make their app stay on the top of the store search, we also offer app store optimization services to keep them ranking all the time!

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