Due to the pandemic last year many businesses and companies have changed their social media strategies. For the year 2021, there are some changes on the horizon. All social media platforms evolve and develop with time. You can change their algorithms. Similarly, trends that improve social media marketing change and evolve with time.

The revival of social media with Softrick SEO Service

The revival of social media with softrick SEO service

One marketing strategy that changed completely was social media marketing for 2021. It makes sense since due to corona we were forced to physically remain distanced from each other. The only thing that kept us connected was social media. It bridged the gap between us and kept us connected to our friends and family during the trying times. Not only that but information about the brands that we love.

So how did most of the local and global brands survive this past year and what changed permanently about the social media marketing trends including its advertising and content management?

How to virtually connect with your customers?

How to virtually connect with your customers

People have reported about a 58% over the year increase in social media traffic. Now companies and brands use short-term ROI with a targeted performance of marketing tactics. Building realistic and inspiring digital experiences to gain long-term loyalty.

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels

It is recorded that people have spent more time on Instagram to get in touch with the world around them. Using meaningful and quality content through IG reel to grab the attention of your customers. Make them believe that they will get all the genuine products from your brand. IG stories tend to disappear within 24 hours of posting them. Hence they should be short sweet and entertaining at best. Using a public account helps you be accessible to a broader range of audiences. If you didn’t know the IG reel is a mobile-only feature.

Shopping at Facebook

Shopping at Facebook

In mid-2020 Facebook introduced a shopping feature that helped small businesses showcase their products on a bigger platform. It allows other people to sell their products online. This feature was primarily aimed at small local businesses that have lost customers due to pandemics. It not only empowers them to amplify their customer relations but helped them customize ads to sales by setting up a digital storefront that is accessible through Facebook and Instagram.

Be creative, inspiring, ahttps://www.facebook.com/softricksolutionnd bold!

Pandemic has made new marketing strategies more engaging and interesting. It has renewed our appreciation for social media that has kept us afloat during pandemic lockdowns and updating us on what is new in the world or not. It has been that much-needed bridge between your brand and the customers after the collapse of many traditional marketing strategies. This strategy has been picked up by all of the businesses and companies that is why you have to come up with more entertaining content and tactics that will divert your customer’s attention from your competitors to you. At softrick solutions, we do just that. We have a team of highly qualified experts that manage your social media marketing company and give the best social media marketing agency there is for your small startup businesses.

Tiktok marketing revenue

Tiktok marketing revenue

It is one of the rising stars of social media that took everyone by surprise. One thing is for sure, if you know how to do it right then it is for you! Through TikTok, you can promote your business no matter what nature it is. In the year 2020, its growth was surprising but in the year 2021, it is still escalating at the highest pace. The statistics show that over 800 million people are active on TikTok every day. If you make your brand and company accessible on this platform then you will open a whole new gateway to reach audiences worldwide. This app is not like Facebook and Instagram. You have to choose the right music, background, hashtags, features, and effects to use to rile in the customers that suit your brand the best. Your brand awareness generated and increases the sales and profit revenue by a lot. You can even sponsor or hire social media influencers to promote tour brands and products just like on other social media channels.

Stay hip with live streams

We all know covid 19 has made us handicapped in regards to hands-on face to face marketing strategies. So what can take its place? Did you notice the increase in video conferences and face-to-face video chats? This year live concerts turned into live streams of people playing in their own homes. As people were unable to get out of their homes live streams became the only way to communicate and talk to the outside world. Statistics show that 25% of marketers said their live videos and streams helped make their brands popular and more valuable content helped them achieve their social objectives.

Content format

Content format

It is very important to find out the brand format that is most suited to your business image. The most popular content format is storytelling. It was recorded that more than 500 million users interact via Instagram stories every day. More and more brands are focusing on their Instagram stories to reach their customers and inform them what is new with their brand and their respective products. The use of video as stories increases the interest in photos. It has been reported that photos have more tapping rates than videos. It means that people move on to the next story by simply tapping without finishing it. Hence that proves that people are more invested and interested in videos even if they span for over 20 seconds. Looking at all the data and statistics it is no surprise that brands all over the world are now using videos in their stories by an increase of 51% and will keep on increasing in 2021.

What are the key points that keep your brand on top?

What are the key points that keep your brand on top

  • Creativity
  • Nostalgic
  • Impactful
  • Unique
  • Interactive
  • Engaging

On point campaigns keep your customers riveted

On point campaigns keep your customers riveted


Showcasing how your brand copped and survived the pandemic is one way to go. How they helped in creating new ways to engage your customers. It is also important to hire a team that only focuses on what sensitive issues to react to and when to engage with your peers. Making your brand presence known by participating in the solutions for many global problems keeps you in the spotlight. Customers expect brands to show compassion and leadership through meaningful gestures and acts on social problems that affect the masses. It makes your customers feel included and supported rather than exploited for marketing purposes. A survey suggests that in 2021 74% of people respond to tweets of brands that promote acts of kindness while 77% of people feel and respond more positively to brands that support societies during a crisis.

LinkedIn sales navigation

LinkedIn sales navigation

As you might have noticed this feature is not that new when it comes to a social media marketing or targeting the right kind of customers for you. You might have seen an increase in this app’s role in promoting SEO-related business and digital marketing of other countless businesses. Here at softrick solutions, we have a sure way to capture the interests of the right qualified leads and build trust in working relationships that are needed for a business to grow and expand.

Stay in contact with your customers!

Stay in contact with your customers!

Most brands focus on marketing their products but that is a wrong strategy. At softrick solutions, we balance every aspect of social marketing strategies with social media optimization service that involves customers as well. 86% of customers respond well to the inclusivity of their favorite brands. Audiences are now more aware of other options to buy their products elsewhere. That is why we help you come up with more interesting ideas to divert their attention towards our business. We make your startup business make a mark in this competitive and saturated business world. If your brand’s social presence does not support your audience’s opinions and views then you will lose vital opportunity to connect with them on a basic level. We help you create your own brand identity that is diverse as well as popular with your customer’s trends.

 Be honest and transparent with your customers on social media

Be honest and transparent with your customers on social media

Consumers want their favorite brands to be real. This means being honest and forthcoming about all aspects of your brand, its product, and its operations. If you want to build loyalty in your customers then being honest with them is the best bet. According to statistics carried out by sprout social index, the two main factors that influence your customers to buy your brand’s products are transparency and engagement.

If your customer is unsatisfied with you apologize sincerely. Make yourself accessible to customers so they can reach or contact you for any query. For example, many cosmetic companies sell photoshopped beauty images and support unrealistic beauty perceptions that are neither real nor supported by your customers. You can also list the ingredients that you use to make your products that help your customer in determining if it is the right match for them or not. And countless other strategies that make your brand as humanized as possible. Selling double standards is very harmful to your brand.

Focus on going green

Like we said supporting your consumer’s preferences and applying them to your business is one of the most common and traditional social marketing gigs that will never go out of fashion. Going green is one of them. In this era pollution and global warming have taken precedence in making the earth an inhabitable place to live. Nowadays consumers are actively seeking eco-friendly and sustainable brands. Make sure that you post on your different media platforms about what measures you take to make our plant greener every day. Whether it is the ingredients you use in your products or the packages you pack them in, make sure you are informing your customers what steps you are taking to help their cause.

Are you ready?

are you ready

Now is the time to start your online business and here at softrick solutions, we have the correct tools and teams you want to make your social media marketing for small businesses a success.

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