To ensure quality and maintain it, Softrick Solutions focuses on some policies that help us excel in the IT industry in Pakistan.

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Quality Management Policy

Our aim as one of the best web and app development agency is to provide an outstanding, premium quality to the client that they leave 100% content. From the client’s privacy to protection of their data; we manage everything in a top notch manner, by following some policies that keep us on the top of the game.

Here are the main factors that help us maintain the client privacy and protect it efficiently:

  • We only demand for basic information that is necessary for serving our customer. None of the data provided by the client, is misused in any way.
  • None of the information shared by the client is re-shared by us. If, by any chance, we do need to share the data with someone, we inform our customers and do so, with their consent. In majority scenarios, the need of re-sharing information is not even required.
  • We make sure that all the private data of the client is kept private and is only accessible to the project design and development team.

Our focus lies within the protection of our client’s privacy and we put in all efforts to secure it. This helps us manage our quality of procedure and make it transparent for the client.

What Data We Collect?

Just like all the other IT companies in Pakistan, we also focus on collection of simple personally identifying information. However, we dig deeper into the details that are essential for understanding our client’s behavior of engagement with us and our website. This data helps us boost our user experience and it helps us enhance the overall quality provided to you, as much as possible.


Softrick Solutions takes all measures to protect the data of our clients. Whatever is saved in our databases, is our responsibility to shield and we do it in the best way possible.

Softrick Solutions focuses on gathering necessary data from the clients only. At one point or another, the visitor on our website can choose to opt for our services or simply sign up for our website, which requires them to share some personal data, with us. The data we demand for, is not shared with anyone outside Softrick Solutions. We assure complete confidentiality of this information and ensure that we manage your data efficiently. Also, there are some pieces of information that are extremely essential for us. Without feeding the required data on the website, the visitor is not allowed access to some certain areas of the website. Thus, we guarantee you complete security of data.

Now, in a complete different scenario, where the visitor tends to choose our services and become our client; we require additional information. If you want us to work on your project, then this data is crucial for us to validate and verify your identity. We have to shield our system from fraudulent movements too, thus the data we demand for is necessary to fill out.

The PII, is only shared with coordinators, employees or third party affiliate organizations of Softrick Solutions if they are needed urgently or for a project. When a visitor tends to transform into a client, the data has to be shared with the team who is assigned their task. This is, yet again crucial, as it becomes the basis of agreements and more important documentation. However, we do not share your data with any other organization, without your consent. Even if it is necessary, we do communicate with our client and then make a decision. We create all the boundaries necessary to shield the personal information that our clients share with us.

Policy Upgradation of Management

Management policies are crucial and thus, we focus on the aim that we have settled. However, if by any need, we have to update the management policy, we can do so, at any time. The founder of Softrick Solutions is open to modifying the policy anytime. If you are our client, then you will be notified about the changes. However, if you are a visitor looking to avail our services, it is best to go through the policies thoroughly, before reaching out to us.