You are the representative of your business. And this is why, it is extremely crucial to build your personal brand. It is a must-do for all the business owners and beginners who wish to become entrepreneurs in the coming time.

The best way to build your own personal brand is to utilize LinkedIn digital marketing to its fullest potential and experience how it unleashes its benefits for you.

Entrepreneurs and marketers focus a lot on the brand but they usually skip the part where they need to emphasis on themselves too. Personal branding is extremely crucial in this modern and internet oriented era. Marketing yourself is equally important to marketing your brand because you are a direct reflection of your brand. A LinkedIn marketing agency can be helpful in this context as they understand the need of personal branding.

LinkedIn is an extremely powerful social network that can help you build your personal brand and identity. There are (indisputably) many other platforms which can be used for this purpose but here are the top reasons why LinkedIn might do a wonderful job, if used accurately:

  • It is used regularly in more than 200 countries and has almost 580 million users.
  • According to the B2B marketers, LinkedIn is extremely efficient in generating leads and delivering impeccable B2B content too. A professional LinkedIn lead generation strategy can help you achieve a lot, within a short time.
  • Out of 580 million users, 40% are active, daily users, which gives you an extremely vast audience to reach out to.

So, where other social networks can be great choice to make; LinkedIn marketing solutions can help you grow effectively.

Development of your Personal Brand on LinkedIn:

You have to use LinkedIn potential to the fullest, to develop an attractive personal brand. It won’t be easy but if you follow the right steps, with dedication and persistence, you can easily attain the benefits that this network has to offer. It is just like LinkedIn digital marketing but for this, you have to focus on marketing yourself. Makes sense, right? If you are confused about personal branding, you can always hire services like LinkedIn marketing with Softrick Solutions.Development of your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

However, we will be guiding you through the development process, so that you can get started right away, by the end of this guide. Let’s dig into the details! If you find any of this hard, you can always hire a LinkedIn marketing company to setup your personal brand.

  1. Your Profile is the Game Setter:

If you don’t pay attention to your profile setting; you will set yourself up for failure. Your profile must be amazing. Take as much time as you want to make the most attractive LinkedIn profile; it should rock! Stats show that LinkedIn users go through profiles the most, in comparison to any other social media. So make it worth it.Your Profile is the Game Setter

The flexibility of this platform is incredible. You have a good room to create a profile that stands out. Putting in some thought process and creativity, you can pull off a great profile. And here’s how it can be done:

  • Headline: The headline field is just below your name and you have 120 characters to write down something catchy. This is your first impression; so think hard on what you want it to be. Add relevant keywords to the headline and make sure that you describe who you are and what your expertise, in this section are. Don’t stuff keywords; you don’t want the headline to be poorly written. Keywords are crucial as they will help your profile pop up in relevant searches but our have to keep the reader friendliness in mind too. This might take a while and that is okay. You don’t have to rush through this.
  • Photo: Your profile must have a photo as it attracts more followers. Make sure it is high quality and you must be smiling. Don’t hide your face and don’t try to put up Tumblr inspired images either.
  • Cover Photo: Cover photo or background must be reflecting your brand.
  • Contact Details: Fill in the details carefully. Make sure that you are entering the right details so that people can reach out to you, if they find your profile attractive.
  • URL: LinkedIn has very long URL’s but you can always edit them to make it easier to share around.
  • Summary: View the summary section as an about us page and yet again, include relevant keywords. However, make sure that you compose a really good summary that warmly introduces your skills and brand to the audience.
  • Your Portfolio: It is really easy to share your work through Slide Share on LinkedIn.
  • Experience: If you have experience, make sure that you list it all down in the required section. You can gain potential opportunities.
  • Media: You have the option to add media in experience and educations sections that reflect your experiences.
  • Skills: Write all your skills in this section but remember to stay honest!
  1. Nurture your Network:

LinkedIn is all about building relationships. Although it is believed that this network is all about find job opportunities, there is another side to it, rather than just employment. It excels in the areas of professional development. Thus, growing your network is important.Nurture your Network

Add all the people that you know on LinkedIn. Simply add people you know, to your network. You can also write a greeting message to add people.

You can also join groups, which is stated to be one of the most useful features of this platform. There are endless groups which are created for certain business types. Their main objective is to share ideas and content and create meaningful professional bonds too. You can use keywords to find relevant groups and join them. If you are using a free account, you can easily add up to 50 groups. This is more than enough as you will realize with time, that less groups are better as you will be able to connect with them more effectively. Yet again, a LinkedIn marketing agency can help you build a stronger and bigger network but you can always do it on your own too.

  1. Valuable Content:

As your aim is to build a strong personal brand, you have to create content that is valuable and can interest the audience. However, don’t forget to stay true to yourself.Valuable Content

Sharing your thoughts on LinkedIn can be a great way to generate a conversation. You can either write something or upload a photo or video. You can either make the upload public or private; depending on whatever suits you. You can slow start group discussions but you cannot add media to these. You can also add links to a blog post or article in the discussion which is relevant to whatever is being debated.

The best part about LinkedIn is that it provided its users with a publishing option too. In 2015, it launched a feature which allows you to publish an article of any length. You can utilize this to write content. This can bring in a lot of opportunities and help you to build a strong personal brand.

With these three simple steps, you can build your own personal brand. It won’t happen overnight and might require a lot of thought and time too. But make sure that you put in the right amount of effort to get the desired outcome.


LinkedIn is a strong and dynamic social platform which offers innumerable benefits for entrepreneurs and people who are looking for great employment opportunities. Personal branding is extremely crucial and with the help of LinkedIn marketing solutions, you can build it impeccably well.FINAL VERDICT

Remember; you represent your business. Hiding behind the curtains won’t help you boost your business. Thus, take the limelight and build yourself too, as a brand. LinkedIn marketing with Softrick Solutions can help you attain a lot and if done right, you can easily nurture a meaningful networks, within no time.