Since the pandemic marketing trends have seen many changes. They have gone from offline to completely offline in these past months. If you are thinking that the traditional marketing tactics like billboards, TV advertisement radio, and such are working or not then you do not need to worry. They are still working but something has to change with the times. The times are of online brand awareness for small companies and businesses. The truth is only bigger and global brands can support these kinds of advertisements anymore because they take up a lot of money and finance. Finance that small or startup businesses don’t have.

This is also the reason why the internet is becoming the hub for all the local and small businesses. The Internet has become very accessible hence the perfect platform to market your brand digitally. In our opinion, this is a more economically affordable marketing stage to market your business through search engines, email, social media, etc. it is said by many people that content marketing is the only way left. It has many benefits as well. Hence this fact is indisputable that online content marketing has the correct channels and tools for the marketers to use for growing your brand with a competitive online presence.

What is content marketing?

what is content marketing

Traditional ways to market your brand are quickly becoming obsolete in the face of online marketing. Content marketing is not complicated at all. At Softrick Solutions, we take your content marketing seriously. But if you are new to content marketing you might be wondering what it is? Well, it is a strategic marketing technique that is solely focused on creating and distributing content that is of quality and value. The content has to have the following merits:

  1. Relevant
  2. Consistent
  3. Interesting
  4. Audience retention
  5. Profitable

At Softrick Solutions, we create such content through our team of content experts. We spare no expenses to make your experience with us worth your money and time. If you are a startup company and want to know more about content marketing then you are more than welcome to read this but it is advised that you should hire a web development agency to see to all your content marketing matters. You should use a certified content marketing service that is comprised of dedicated workers working around the clock and who knows what they are doing.

Coming to the most essential part of this piece! What are the trends that you should be following in 2021?

Video content marketing attracts more attention!

Many marketers today know what video marketing is and how effective it is for growing your company. It has developed in the past few years. Did you know that around 83% of marketers think that video marketing will eventually take over the world? It is as significant as ROI. It indicates that video content is quickly becoming a common part of their online marketing strategies.

The main audience for video marketing content is presented on social media. Many social media campaigns use videos to promote their brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, etc. 8.3 billion people daily surf YouTube, Google, Bing, or yahoo for their needs. These search engines are the most used and in-demand by users online. People these days search for everything with video tutorials like how-tos, DIYs, products demos, cooking recopies and so much more.

It is predicted that videos will drive 83% of traffic in 2022 and similarly:

  1. 96% of people learn more through an explained video rather than written content.
  2. 84% of people are more convinced to buy a brand through video advertisements.
  3. 86 % of people prefer to watch video content over another marketing technique.
  4. Videos lead to 70% of B2B buyers purchasing products.

There are many businesses there that are yet to tap into the potential of video content marketing strategy. But they cannot due to reasons like budget, technical knowhow but not anymore. Softrick Solutions have your back. We offer amazing deals and discounts on our video marketing services. Now you don’t have to do it all yourself.

Quality content with SEO

Quality content with SEO

When it comes to content it is important to give importance to quality over quantity. Content that has value has the power to change potential prospects into customers. You can do some research on what your customers like and what they prefer and try to give them the content they would be interested to read till the end.

If your brand needs customer signups then you can provide them with free samples to gain more attention and brand awareness. The endgame of every marketing technique is to increase sales and profits at the end of the month. The deal is to figure out that marketing techniques get the most attention for customers purchasing.

But with content marketing, there are different factors you need to make sure of. It’s not just you or your content on the internet. Your content is competing with a thousand different brands, companies. All of them are uploading similar content and all of them are getting attention. Hence you need to ask yourself a question: what makes your content interesting and valuable? This is where expert digital marketing agencies for small businesses like softrick solutions come in. we make your content more interesting, different, and unique that benefits your readers and customers. We make sure to center your content in creating a reputation for your brand. Selling value first then your products pay more.

Focus on increasing E-A-T

Focus on increasing E-A-T

It stands for:

  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

This is what moves your content up the ranks on Google search engine results. And just how can you do that?

  1. By earning links from other reputed and well-known websites
  2. By prevising relevant information on your site page like pages that have your bio and credentials on your about us pages as well as author pages
  3. Uses links that land on those reputed and certified websites to support your stats, data, and facts in your content.
  4. Updating your site consistently and posting new contenting on it regularly.

Take advantage of social media influencers:

Take advantage of social media influencers

This comes under the heading of content collaboration. When you think of content collaboration you also might think of paid sponsorship for posts or guest blogging. But influencers are a step further than this. Thinking outside the box gets you more attention from your customers.

We advise you to start collaborating with your local influencers especially micro-influencers. You think why them? Social media influencers that have more than 100k followers are better for your brand promotion. The fact is that big social media influencers have more fake followers while micro-influencers have followers that are much closer and intimate. They have more of the following fan base that is authentic and consists of real people that you want to engage. They have a much higher rate of customer engagement. They also don’t demand a lot of money in exchange for content. You can also use their services in exchange for some of your free products. It attracts their followers’ attention towards your brand and products as well. One of the main advantages of collaborating with influencers is that they boost your E-A-T. The reason for that is that 2 out of every 3 consumers trust the influencer’s recommendation about the brand than the brand advertisement itself.

At Softrick Solutions, we help you identify these influencers easily and make your workload lighter.

Creating your content with AI and Chabot’s

Creating your content with AI and Chabots (2)

If you surf the internet frequently then you might know that Chabot’s are eating smarter and smarter every day. So much intelligence that you might even think you are talking to a human at the other end of it. It is predicted that in the next couple of years AI will successfully help in transferring and exchanging information on their own.

Suing artificial intelligence to drive the generation of content is one of the biggest trends that is growing worldwide. They redefine the whole exchange cannel or information through traditional customer service. They not only make your lives easier but generate valuable content that has quality content. This is how you reach audiences all over the world with creative and useful content. At Softrick Solutions, we help you in successfully implementing an AI assistant chatbox that will automatically grow and evolve itself to help your customers gain the information they need from you. We calibrate them to generate relevant data, information sources and provide them with constant authority. Many new brands are seeking a more technological-oriented method to drive sales and profits from customers. Hence meaning that you should look into investing in AI software content marketing.

Personalize your content for effective marketing:

Personalize your content for effective marketing

Customers today don’t want to be treated like any other customer. They want a more personalized experience each time they engage with your brand and its business. According to the statistics, 73% of potential business buyers anticipate personalized communication from businesses. B2B Byers are not options to choose from to buy their products. Hence you must turn them into loyal customers by engaging with them through personalized content like email marketing. Emails that are personalized have an extra 26% chance of being opened than other generic ordinary mails.

Personalization gives your brand a much-needed edge in this world of completive businesses. Here is a useful tip: you can also personalize the links you create to put in your content. Branded links increase the click rates up by 39% than ordinary links.

Result-oriented SEO content:

SEO content

This not only helps you get the relevant customer base but ranks you higher in the Google search engine results. At softrick solutions that in SEO content writing, we have highly expert teams to optimize your content that has keywords that give you high-ranking. We make quality content for effective marketing of your rand. Instead of trying to make your content lengthy to fill the space make it readable by answering a question that your customers or peers want to be answered as straightforwardly as possible.

We build a good user experience that assists you in creating a trustworthy image for your customers. By giving the reader what they want to read you generate more traffic on your websites.

Applying all these amazing trends in the year 2021 will grant you a higher ranking position on the internet but with SEO content writing like softrick solutions you can make the most of these trends in a short amount of time. They don’t waste your time and money but reinvest it in your brand.

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