Understanding the workings of Facebook ads is a fast-growing social media strategy that helps grow your business in no time. And if you want to reach the audience through Facebook then you will probably have to pay for the Facebook ads campaign for your products. Paid advertising is one of the fastest solutions for making your content reachable to the mass audience. But crossing this territory comes with a lot of questions like how much impact can you expect and what kind of exposure you hope to get? Facebook ads management with softrick solutions will answer all your questions and more through this blog. We are here to give you our Facebook marketing services

Why does our Facebook advertising work so well?

why does our facebook advertising work so well

As you know there are millions of Facebook users. But sending one ad into the Facebook void of users does not necessarily mean your ads have achieved the goal you have set for your brand of reaching. The key to Facebook advertising is  target a specific site. Targeting allows you to get specific in what audience type do you want to reach. If you are selling summer clothes target a young hipster audience, if you are selling garden hoses target people who are interested in gardens and home improvement. If you sell web development services SaaS tools you can target those who have visited your website.

Custom audiences: target existing leads and customers

Location: target audience by location

Gender: audience targeting by gender

Interests: interests of your targeted audience like entrepreneurship, fitness, food, clothes jewelry, and a lot of other stuff

Behaviors: internet website visitation preferences, frequented websites

Connections: target people who liked or subscribed to your pages or connection that do.

There are 2 main types of Facebook ads you need to know about:

There are 2 main types of Facebook ads you need to know about

Sponsored posts: they appear directly in the news feed of your users. They see this as they are scrolling down their newsfeed. They’re as close to the prominently featured posts from your dear friends and family.

The right-hand column ad: as the name suggests it appears in the right column of your Facebook page. These ads are smaller but they cannot be scrolled down the page like sponsored ads. These ads are often used for retargeting purposes.

Amazing and easy-to-understand steps to start setting your Facebook ads campaign.

Setting goals you hope to achieve with your Facebook ads

Setting goals you hope to achieve with your Facebook ads

It is first important to think about why you are advertising on Facebook? And what are you hoping to achieve? By setting these goals and before jumping in and creating adverts you will have something to compare your success against your measures. I.e. if you want to increase download on your apps through Facebook ads then you can set the gal of 100 downloads in the first month. This helps you choose three objectives that put your ads campaign into perspective.

  1. Increase traffic to your website through Facebook ads
  2. Increase attendance at our event
  3. Generate new potential leads
  4. Increase the exposure of your content on Facebook
  5. Enhance engagement of your Facebook page.

Pay a visit to the Facebook ads manager

Did you know that all of Facebook ads and promotion campaigns run through a Facebook ads manager tool that can you can access by clicking on the manage ads in the drop-down menu of your Facebook page or you can gain access to it by clicking on any of the CTAs on your Facebook page? Once you are in the ads manager you can navigate your way to your first ad. Then choose your objective.

Cater to different people

This step goes along with the idea of targeting a type of audience. Your customers turn to you for their specific purchasing needs because you must offer them something special individually. Facebook ads can target a mass audience. There are common trends and fashion highs in a certain area of your town or place where you are living. It is very important to take advantage of that kind of exposure of your brand through an amazing ads campaign to capture their attention. Simply put women will be interested in clothes for women that are in fashion.

Your ad visual should encompass your brand

Your ad visual should encompass your brand

A lot of smaller businesses or even larger ones with the B2B space don’t have any visuals on them. But when it comes to running an add they scramble here and there to attach their campaign to a good visual of their brand, an image that gives a face to their words of promotions. It might occur because the image you select might not go worth the copy. It will prove to be a frustrating experience for the users on Facebook. Hence if the copy and the image for the campaign don’t line up then your whole ad campaign goes down the drain. Because if the consumer does not understand what the advertisement of about then what use is an ad? These ads are the most unlikely to get any clicks. If you are doing an ad about fresh cupcakes and coffee with an image of scrumptious looking chocolate creamy cupcakes in the picture with a hot mug of coffee then that is what results in an effective Facebook ad. If you are having trouble with that then you can turn to Softrick Solutions, we specialize in having an in-house team of experts that are qualified to handle your Facebook ad creation.

Say focused on your mission

Say focused on your mission

Do you know what Facebook ads are the best? The ones that convey their goals. Facebook ads increase brand awareness to get a lead and sell a product more efficiently. No matter what you are selling and what your ad is about it should have a clear call to action motive. The customer should be able to get your adjust by looking at it. A call to action button is just as important as the ad. Without it, the users of Facebook will not know where to click or what to press. It encourages users to visit our website and look around for more exciting deals you have to offer and ultimately shop and buy from you.

Aim for short and sweet

Aim for short and sweet

If you have availed of the services of Facebook campaign planner then you will know that we do not cut our corners. We take all the measures necessary to make your ad a booming success. It might look tempting to you to cram as much as you can in your add but trust us it is the wrong move. You do have to explain to your customers what the product is after all but as Facebook ads go they need to be short and to the point. It adds more value to the ad content. People who use Facebook have a short attention span and spend about 0.25 seconds on each post. That is why you need to capture their attention right from the start and keep it for seconds to make an impression.

What do your customers get out of using your product? How will it change the way their lives? What will it help them achieve? These are the areas of the ad campaign you should focus on. And those are the areas we certainly focus on when we are making your Facebook ads. We make these points across your customers in a clear concise way that motivates them to buy from you. using catchy phrases like getting everything done easier or hire a worker instead and we have your workload handled” builds trust and gives a surety of your product’s durability and productivity.

Use Easy to understand the language!

Using high-tech words and flowery language will garble the message that you want to convey through your ads. Too many sophisticated words come across as snobby and pretentious. Don’t try too hard to impress your customers. It is high time to cut the verbosity. Your priority should be to write an ad that is easy to understand for all mediums even a 5th grader. When your ad is seen by your audience these things should be clear to them:

  • What you are offering?
  • What benefits will they gain?
  • How to get it?

Be honest about the numbers

Be honest about the numbers

If you are selling your product through a Facebook ad and you are successful in grabbing the attention of your customers then the next question they are going to ask you is the prices that you tagged your products with. If you are selling them in the sale or have special discount deals on them then don’t hesitate to tell them just that. Inform them of the percentage of the discount they will get off on your products. People want to know precisely how much it costs. Always lead with the numbers.

Test your ads to get some perspective

Test your ads to get some perspective

The only way to improve your ads is to test them on someone other than yourself. With Facebook, it is easy to spend a small amount of money to try new things out. The only way to see if your ads work is to get a perspective from someone outside of your team. Hour friends and family can help as well. Try running two different ads with the same picture by a different pitch to see what your audience resonates with the best. What version gets the most likes and comments?

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