A lot of large and small companies and businesses see Facebook ad managers and dread it. Well, we are here to tell you that it is nothing to be scared about. It is easy to understand if you put your mind to it. According to the statistics every 1.4 billion people use Facebook daily and spend more than 50 minutes on it. Now that is a lot of attention that you need to grab to make your brand well recognized. People of all ages’ gender and occupation you can reach just through one platform of social media. Hence the question at this point becomes are you willing to do the work?

The most important thing people ask the most is how to analyze create and manage ads? Well, the answer is quite simple and is Facebook ads manager. Facebook marketing services to most people might look intimidating at first glance but like we said it is an amazing tool to learn. It offers what you need to optimize your ads and deliver them with the right message and tone for your campaigns.

So let’s start at the beginning!

What is a Facebook ad manager?

What is a Facebook ad manager

It is a place where you can manage your ad campaigns as well as set them up. It has more audience targeting options that give you the boost your need to make people aware of your business and brand. You can use this account for:

  • Setting up Facebook ads campaigns
  • Select from several campaign objectives
  • Create new ads and set new perimeters
  • Manage the bids on Facebook ads
  • Target your required audiences
  • Optimize your ad campaigns
  • Create your open custom customer audience or similar audience demographic
  • Keeping track of all your ads performances
  • Testing all your Facebook ads campaign
  • How to find the Facebook ads manager?

If this is your first time using it you might think it difficult hence you can also hire agencies like us. At Facebook ads from softrick solutions, we help you manage your Facebook ads account more easily with a help of a team of experts. Or you can help yourself self-suing this guide.

To find this page all you have to do is log in to your Facebook account and head to the left sidebar and click on the “ad center: option there at the drop-down menu. Choose the option “all ads” and click “ads manager” at the bottom of the page. This will lead you to your Facebook ad account page. It will give you a preview of your ad account and if you have more than one account of ads then you will have to specify what account you want to manage as well.

Add other teammates and colleagues

Add other teammates and colleagues

If you are hiring a Facebook campaign planner or social media marketing specialistthen you will need to give them access to your Facebook ads management account. You will also need to assign them appropriate advertising roles that they will play. What’s that? How to do that? Don’t worry Softrick Solutions have your back.

 Step 1: Navigation to the account setting drop-down menu

By clicking on the hamburger menu icon you will click all tools options and choose the options ad account setting. In case you don’t see this option follow the steps explained previously and you will be set.

Step 2: User addition

Select account roles on the column left to the screen and click on the “add the user” button to add another teammate to the ad account.

Step 3: Assignment of advertisement roles

Assignment of advertisement roles

The final step is to assign a role you want your teammates to play. Some of the most common roles include:

  1. Analyst: they can see your ad performance. This worked for those team players that need access to your Facebook accounts data and create reports based on that data.
  2. Advertisers: they can see and edit your ads. They can also create new ads using the payment method that you have chosen for your account. This role is suitable for colleagues or team members that create ads on behalf of your company and still do not have access to the payment details that you have configured on your account. Like a freelance marketer, or a partner agency.
  3. Admin: this guy holds the main power of the account. They can edit the payment details as well as manage what roles go to who. They can change the roles as well. The best part is that they can do all the other tasks that your analyst and advertiser can do. This role fits perfectly who knows how to access permissions to ad accounts and billing options with payment details and ad spending limits.


admin advertiser analyst
View ads yes yes yes
Access reports yes yes yes
Create and edit ads yes yes
Edit payment method yes
Manage admin permissions yes


Even if you are the admin of your company’s Facebook page you still might not have access to your companies ad account. All the Facebook page roles including business manager and ad accounts are not the same.

Our way around the Facebook ads manager dashboard

Our way around the Facebook ads manager dashboard

Facebook as the manager is very easy to manage once you get the hang of it. You can control anything you want to with your own Facebook account ad manager dashboard. Be forewarned there will be a lot of options and things on it. But that is where you will find all the essential tools, menus, and buttons needed to navigate your Facebook ads manager account with ease.

  1. Top navigation bar
  2. Create an ad
  3. Spending history of the last 7 days
  4. Reporting table for all your Facebook ads
  5. Ad filters on Facebook
  6. State filters

Going through a quick run through all the options on top of the navigation bar on Facebook ads manager:


  • Menu: due to an update in Facebook the options on the dashboard have been moved to the menu section of Facebook as manager. You can access these options by clicking on the menu. It brings up all the Facebook advertising options that include ads manager. Power editor, ad account settings, and much more.
  • Search: t allows you to search for your campaigns and ad sets as well as frequently asked questions about your account.
  • Business notifications: this globe icon shows you the notifications of your Facebook page.
  • Your pages: the flag icons grant you quick access to any of your Facebook pages no matter where you are.
  • Help: you can get tips and a helping manual that makes your navigation of the whole dashboard easier and understandable to work through.

After all that creating an ad is just a breeze!

All you have to do is click on the “create an additional” icon and get started! You will be immediately be asked to choose your ad objectives to form 15 different options. For example, promoting your Facebook age, getting installs for your app, boost your posts, and much more! You can also edit your ads by fixing typos or increasing its budget after seeing that it’s getting good performance. To edit your ad successfully you can edit the campaign, ad, and set or add anything to it.

campaigns Ad sets ads
Edit name

Spending limit

Turn it off or on

Edit name

Ad placement

Bust and schedule

Target  your audience

Optimization and delivery

Setting ad on or off

Edit name


Creativeness (images, text, links, call to action)

Turn it on or off


Familiarize yourself with the ads filters for relevant campaigns, ad sets, and ads

Facebook provides you with 4 easy ways to filter through and search for specific ads or groups of ads:

search filters Date range Ad tier
Campaign name

Ad set name

Ad name

Campaign ID

Ad set ID


Saved filters



Buying type



Date of upload




Last 7 days

Last 14 days

Last 30 days

Last month

This month


All campaigns

Al ad sets

All ads


( you can apply these multiple filters all at once)


  • Breakdown: you can get more perception of your Facebook ad account by breaking down the data by:
  1. Deliver: age location platform
  2. Action: destination, video view type, and conversion device
  3. Time: day, week month

You can select up to one option each from every criterion, Facebook is very understanding of you and will provide a small description of every option so you know what you are doing.

  • Audience insights: these handy tools help you learn more about your targeted audience. You can get information about their demographics, locations, preferences, behaviors, and more!
  • Power editor: their option is for those businesses that want to create a large number of ads with just one option. You have specific control over how the ads are presented. You can access it through the Facebook ads menu just under the “create and manage” option
  • Pixels: Facebook pixels includes several codes lines that allow you to leverage the actions of people and their take on your website to create a better Facebook ad for your targeted audiences. By placing the pixels code in your website header you can track the conversation on your website. It is quite handy if you want to know what your customers think of your website without contacting them and asking them for reviews. You can also optimize your ads for conversions and remarket them to people who have already visited your website or have taken specific actions on your site. To do just that you can go to the pixels option on your Facebook ad account.

But if you hire a social media marketing agency for your Facebook marketing for small businesses then you will not have to go through all this hassle and just let them handle your accounts and adds creation for an easy ride.

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