If you want to make your business successful in the 21st century you need online advertisement, whether it is an online business or not! With a physical business, you don’t need much effort because people will inevitably stumble in their shops one way or another. That is not the situation with eCommerce stores. To make your presence online you have to grab it and what better way to do just that than Facebook!

Facebook has more than 1billion active users. That is one social media activity on the most famous social media network you cannot ignore. Every eCommerce business no matter how small or successful must learn how to make Facebook ads to advertise their business on social media. Take it from Softrick Solutions; it is a lifesaver for all the local businesses.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

How Do Facebook Ads Work

Dropshipping Facebook ads offer you some very interesting and easy types of advertisement. You can promote the Facebook page of your brand, your posts, or your website. Facebook is mostly known to promote native ads as it focuses more on keeping to its platform but it still allows you to drive traffic toward your website and elevate your lead generation while growing your business.

The ads are created with a Facebook target audience based on their interests, likes and dislikes, profile information, their demographics and the most important is location. The location helps remote all the local businesses in their vicinity. Location. Age, gender, and other broad categories that help in predicting sales can increase your revenue by a lot.

Why Facebook Marketing Should Be A Part Of Your Advertisement Strategies?

How Do Facebook Ads Work

We all know that Facebook is the largest social network. It opens doors for opportunities you cannot find elsewhere to promote your brand. But then again the question arises what do Facebook ads offer you that you should take advantage of?

  • Large audience to target

ü Large audience to target

The abundance of customers you can target is just what you need to promote your brand. Facebook allows you to reach almost a third of the plant with just a tap of your fingertips. Did you know that 2.7 billion people are active worldwide? Hence it is a mistake if you are not using that untapped pool of opportunities at your disposal.

  • Boosts your website traffic

ü Boosts your website traffic

Making your brand presence prominent and increasing website traffic is important component of running an online business. More people knowing about your brand means more sales. It generates more leads and traffic. Facebook ads allow you to create ads that you can target in one platform for various products. The ads redirect your potential customers to your brand’s website where they can check out the offer and add it to their cart and buy it!

With more pole clicking on your ad will increase your revenue and rank your website higher in search engines.

  •  Custom targeting of audience

Segmenting is an important part of a successful marketing business. When you target the right customers, with the offers they can’t refuse, he converts from potential customers to loyal customers.

  • Keeping track is easy!

Your campaigns bring in a lot of data on the side that helps you in making your future ad campaign more effective and successful. Facebook ads allow you a straightforward process that includes:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversion

It tells you the performance of your ads and gives you suggestions to create the right ad that will drive your sales through the roof.

When you are working with Facebook ads for your shoplift stores you need to know about a few things to make your business successful. So let’s dive in and go through a simple and eat-to-understand guide that will help you make some of the best Shopify ad campaigns.

Creating Your Facebook Business Profile

Creating Your Facebook Business Profile

The first step to creating Facebooks ads is to create your profile. Go to facebook.com/business and click “create add” on the screen with a drop-down menu. Proceed to select “create page”. While creating your profile you will be required to specify the type of business you are, its details that include your brand being an eCommerce store.

Next comes personalizing your business profile with a profile and a cover photo. You can use your brand logo or another picture of products that allow you to showcase your products to your page visitors. Treat everything as an opportunity to show what your brand is.

After this write a short description of what your brand is what it offers you why it is unique. Make sure to make it short and sweet. You can also include an about section where you can write what your brand stands for, any goals and mission you want to achieve, origin stories, and such. This allows visitors to relate to your brand on a personal level.

Go to Facebook ads manager

Go to Facebook ads manager

To get there you need to click on the dropdown menu on the top right corner of your Facebook page and click on “create ads” this will guide you to a Facebooks ad manager page that will allow you to set your preferred objectives and names for your brand campaign.

Choose to manage ads from the drop-down menu on the top right corner and start managing your ads!

Next Up Is Your Facebook Pixel

Next Up Is Your Facebook Pixel

What does it do? It helps you to keep track of all your progress and results of your dropshipping Facebook ad campaigns so you can improve your quality of ads over time. You can also retarget your previous visitors that browsed through your online store but did not make a purchase. This is how you set it up:

  1. Locate the pixel in your Facebook ads manager
  2. Copy the account pixel ID number
  3. Click on the “online store” in the Shopify admin and go to “preferences”. Now go to the Facebook pixel tab and paste it into your ID number.

After following these steps your Facebook business manager page is now all set up and ready to start promoting your brand on Facebook!

Let’s understand the structure of the ad campaigns

You might think that creating an ad is quite a difficult task but with Facebook, you get a wide range of ad placement options and placements that makes your work easy.

Defining Your Audience:

Defining Your Audience

This is an important step in you are creating dropshipping Facebook ads you need to be properly able to target your audience. After entering your URL Facebook will show you a prompt to choose an audience. This option is available to you for each separate ad campaign. It is advised that you thoroughly research your targeted audience first until you find just what you need to promote your brand with the right customers. If you are looking for a specific audience type then you need to consider your objective. For driving more traffic you need people who are most interested in your product, brand, or services. But if you are looking to aware people of your brand presence then you can select a broader audience range.

With the help of Facebook built-in audience targeted options, you can cover a major number of users. The best feature about by simply building a custom audience that allows you can also set up your targeting option. For your convenience, you can target people on your Facebook that are already present in your database, who have visited your website or purchased your product. Facebook saves this data to use for creating your future ads as well. So you see, Facebook ads give maximum support for its users to create the best ads ever!

What Parameters You Can Use To Target Your Audience?

What Parameters You Can Use To Target Your Audience

  • Location: country, state, city, zip code, address
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests: includes likes and activity on the page
  • Languages
  • Behavior: purchases, intent, device usage
  • Connection: option includes everyone, “connected to you” or “not connected to your brand”

Retargeting Your Customers

One of the best advantages that Facebook ads provide you is the option to retarget your ads. This option in Facebook ads dropshipping allows you to retarget your ads for all kinds of businesses.

What Is Your Budget?

Cost is the most important objective in creating your ads campaigns. Facebook ads allow you to set up a daily or a lifetime budget for your campaigns.

  • Daily budget: if you are planning to run your ad throughout the day on the platform then this is the best option for you to select. With this option, Facebook will adjust your budget daily accordingly.
  • Lifetime budget: if you want to run your ad for a specific period, then this option is what you need. With this option, Facebook adds to run your ad better during this period.

Remember! The more your product costs the more you should expect you’re spending on advertising.

What Types Of Ads Are There In Facebook Ads?

This is the exciting part! When you reach this stage, you are guaranteed to have some fun. You can choose your images, videos, and content for your ad. You can write 90 characters text content as a part of your Shopify Facebook ads. You are also presented with an option to create new ads or select the existing ones. First, you need to select a format to create your ads on, that is:

  • Single image: creates six variations of your ad using one image
  • Carousel: uses 2 or more scrollable images or videos
  • Slideshow: lops the video ad with a maximum of 10 images
  • Single video: single video ad
  • Canvas: combines images and videos to create a storyline

And this is not even half of it!

Facebook ads give you the option to place your ads at different locations to attract the attention of your customers. These locations include:

  • Users homepage, as they scroll; through their feed
  • Sidebar of the Facebook page
  • Inbox ads and sponsored messages on your Facebooks messenger
  • Live stream videos on user’s feed and audience network.

With so much in the arsenal of Facebooked, you are bound to read your goals in no time.

Amazing Tips to Make Your Ads a Raging Success!

Marketing on Facebook takes a lot of time to figure out but with our helpful tips, your first time will be no better than a pro! Just make sure that these objectives are aligned with your goals. Think of it as starting your Facebook ads for dropshipping with the right foot forward.

Clear goal:

Facebook ads present you with options to set your objective to get better results. Here they are:

  • Awareness: generate interest in your store products
  • Consideration: boosts website traffic, collects lead information from potential customers
  • Conversion: encourage potential customers to purchase products

Mobile-friendly ad:

Make sure that your ad is just as responsive on a mobile as it is on a desktop. Don’t forget that more than half of the eCommerce traffic is now generated from mobiles. It not only gives your customers a better experience but gives you a far better reach to your potential customers.

Test your ads on audiences

Failing is the start to success! Practice makes perfect Facebook ads for dropshipping and so many other idioms to explain that you, use test different audiences during your ad campaign. This is the perfect way to find the perfect audience for your ads, this not only saves you time and money but recourses as well.

Visual and copy must be aligned

The best ads are those that are personally relatable for each user. And the best way to make sure that happens is to put out relevant and engaging content. The more the copy and image are in sync the more clicks you get. If they don’t, catch you will be in danger of hurting your ROI no matter how good the offer.

Test your ad design

It takes a lot of trying to see what catches your audience’s attention the most! Here is what you should test in each of your ads:

  • Images/videos
  • Heading/ subheadings
  • CTA
  • Visuals
  • Add descriptions

Adding a CTA is crucial!

Keep it short and sweet, too many calls to action might confuse the optional customers and put them off. Just one CTA in your Facebook ads for dropshipping is enough that tells them what to do at the end of the ad, whether it is to visit a website or buy your product.

Final Thoughts

Glad you stuck out to the end with us. In short, you must avail all the benefits the Facebook add platform provides you. Make your brand presence strong and drive more traffic to your store with.

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