Digital marketing is a powerful tool or medium to promote one’s business. It helps a brand gain exposure and magnetize traffic, boosting its leads and sales. If you are not marketing your business digitally, you are losing a huge audience that has the potential to convert into your followers and buyers.

As there are various techniques in the world of digital marketing, it might be a little tough to pick one of the best one. PPC, also known as Pay per Click is one of the most used practice for advertising one’s product and services on the internet. There are further platforms that offer you PPC but people commonly use two platforms the most, i.e. Facebook and Google.

Google Ads, as we call them “AdWords” and Facebook ads are the two best and strong monsters in PC industry. They both have the potential to derive a huge following and help you maximize your reach. The best social media marketing agency would suggest you to benefit from both of them. However, beginners usually opt for Facebook social media marketing and there are a lot of reasons for that, which we will be sharing with you later on, in this article.

Both the platforms have a lot of similarities. But they both differentiate in ways that make them suitable for a specific niche. For example, Facebook might be better for the fashion industry and Google might do wonders for the IT industry. Thus, you need to understand the difference between the two, to decide which one might be the best bet for your business.

As a beginner, PPC advertisement does seem scary. Both the platforms have wonderful outcomes and they are user friendly too. The features are outstanding and targeting options are also strong. However, to gain efficacy in these mediums, you do require some time. Thus, we compiled a guide to PPC advertisement in which we will be comparing Facebook and Google ads management.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads; what is the Difference?

Before you jump right into the differences, it is important to understand what Google and Facebook ads are. You have definitely heard their name but if you are a newbie, you might not know how they work.Google Ads vs Facebook Ads what is the Difference

Google responsive ads and Facebook digital marketing ads are both teamed up as PPC advertisement. They function on the rules of pay per click. When you craft an ad, on any of the two platforms, it is similar to entering an auction. It is like placing a bid for the amount you want to pay for your ad. According to your bid, you are charged a certain amount, for each time, a user clicks on your ad. It might sound so simple but it is a little complicated.

Anyways, we will dig right into the comparison now.

Paid Search vs Paid Social:

Google AdWords is the biggest and famous pay per click platform that is used by some of the best social media marketing agency. Paid search is the common term used for Google AdWords. It basically emphasis on targeting the keywords, with the utilization of text base marketing. Marketers who use AdWords, bid on keywords, so that their ads will displayed along the search results, containing the same phrases. Paid Search vs Paid Social

Each time a random internet user clicks on the ad, to view your business, the advertiser is charged a certain amount. Why do you pay? You basically pay in search of new potential customers, based on the keywords that they use in the search engine. The in-depth guide to it is beyond just a small guide, but this is the basic idea of how Google’s paid search works.

Now, coming to paid social which is a terms used for Facebook. It is the method of using social media platform for advertisement. Facebook has the world’s largest audience, with the highest number of active users, as compared to any other podium. This also means that it is highly competitive too but at the same time, has a lot of potential for businesses to flourish through it.

Through paid social, customers get to view ads, on the basis of their interests. Facebook tracks the way a consumer behaves on the platform and then shows them related ads, knowing that the user would be interested in it. The major difference between the two is as simple as this:

“Paid social helps customers find you, whereas paid search helps you in finding new customers.”

Strengths of Paid Search

Now that we understand the major difference between Facebook and Google Ads, we have to look into their strengths to make a wiser pick.Strengths of Paid Search

To begin with, let us discuss the paid search, i.e. Google AdWords first.

Google is the biggest search engine as it fields around 3.5 billion searches every day. Thus, it has an extremely wide reach and can help business’s flourish within no time. Here are some of the top benefits of Google AdWords, or paid search.

  • Large Audience:

The first and biggest strength of paid search is its large audience. It manages around forty thousand search queries, every day, per second. This results in 1.2 trillion queries every year.Large Audience Imagine the vast audience that you are exposing your brand or service to?! No search engine, other than Google offers this huge and potential filled audience.

  • Variety in Ad Formats:

AdWords have evolved a lot over the passage of time. It offers a bunch of features that make it efficient to use. With the help of these features, one can make their ads compelling and beguiling.Variety in Ad Formats Features like location targeting, social proofing, site links, ad extensions and shopping ads etc. make it highly controllable and customizable for the advertisers. This gives control to the brand and they can build a wonderful ad for their business.

Strengths of Paid Social:

If we compare Facebook social media marketing, it is a bit rough than Google but it has definitely enhanced over time a lot. Facebook ads are the master of advertisements in the world of social media.Strengths of Paid Social Here are some of its strengths which make it the best bet amongst all the networks.

  • Visual Content:

Facebook ads are influential because they are visual. The best ads are the one that use images and videos and blend smoothly into the user’s newsfeed, standing out, magnetizing the user. As google is always experimenting with its ads, adding new elements to it, every now and then; Facebook is doing a great job as well. The online experience that Facebook delivers is impeccable. The ads look stunning which is the core reason why it is able to generate traffic effectively.

  • Amazing ROI:

The ROI you can attain through Facebook ads is outstanding. It has incredible targeting options which make it a powerful marketing tool. The platform has great tools for creation of engaging and attractive ads, within a short time. The potential of return on investment (ROI) on Facebook is stunning for new comers. Within a limited budget, you can magnetize a handful of potential buyers, in a very short time span.Amazing ROI

By using it right, you can target a larger audience and get an incredible ROI, resulting in positive outcomes and boosted sales. If you are not that good at using the platform, you can take help from an agency too. We recommend you to reap the benefits of Facebook ads with Softrick Solutions to create magical and enticing ads that capture the eye of the user immediately.

Google Ads or Facebook Ads; which to choose?

Well, the decision is tough, isn’t it?

Both the platforms are dynamic in their own ways and they have amazing strengths or advantages too. Many large businesses, utilize both side by side, to harness as much benefit from these as possible. As a small business or startup, it might be difficult to use both simultaneously, thus you can always pick one.Google Ads or Facebook Ads; which to choose

Facebook paid search is stated to be more affordable for startup businesses than Google AdWords. It is crucial to understand how both the platforms can work to benefit you and then choose the one that suits you the best. Having knowledge is the best way to make your pick. Both are amazing and can be extremely helpful in boosting your online presence and generating more traffic to your business.