Amazon refers to the most renowned eCommerce retailers in the world. It has a huge seller and customer base at the same marketplace. And you can become a part of it quite easily. If you want to be a seller all you have to do is create an amazon store and simply set up your products that will take your business to the level of our competition!

Amazon stores are free and being a self-service product you can create and design your multipage store on your brand with valuable and quality products on amazon. At Softrick Solutions, we are adept at amazon store management services. Through amazon stores, we can unveil your products creating a rich and fabulous shopping experience at your branded store for your customers.

Creating a brand for your amazon store is the best thing you can do for your business. It enhances all the business-related metrics that include:

  • Traffic
  • Sales
  • Brand engagement
  • Increase in profit

First things first if you are new to this and want to learn what it is and how the amazon store works then let’s start there!

What is an amazon store?

What is an amazon store

Amazon store is a very useful feature that all kinds of vendors can use exclusively individually to promote their collection of products they want to sell and boost the awareness of their brand. It is a free, premium content offer on amazon that helps you in making your very own branded store.

You can make your customer experience this amazing branded shopping on a desktop as well as a cellphone. Did you know that 80% of people conduct searches and shop online on their cell phones?

How can a branded amazon store enhance our customer’s shopping experience?

How can a branded amazon store enhance our customer's shopping experience

  • Focusing on internal and external traffic sources
  • Increase sales margined and boost organic ranking on amazon
  • Promoting new products to a customer base that you already have
  • Advertising your new products to a new audience
  • Amazon users have a better mobile shopping experience with your brand on amazon

Amazon store set up allows your brand to sit under its spotlight. It not only provides your rand with enough attention but gives it a unique identity at the largest markets place that sells products. All of these reasons are convincing enough to invest in an Amazon store today!

How to set up your Amazon store?

How to set up your Amazon store

Before you can start you need to register your brand using amazons brand registry. It is the first step to creating your dream branded amazon store. To do that you need to have:

  1. A registered trademark for your brand name or logo that will be monogrammed on your products, packaging, and your store.
  2. To verify yourself that has the rights of owing your brand or authorization for the trademark
  3. Lastly an amazon account: you need an account that has your credentials associated with the vendor or the seller of your brand. That can be either a pre-existing account or you can simply make a new one.

What’s is new with amazon stores that you need to take advantage of?

Whats is new with amazon stores that you need to take advantage of

With the basic understanding that amazon already provides a swanky platform to establish your brand, having a dedicated space that lets you sell products directly.

Amazon advertising: it is an important part of the amazon advertising program that they offer to their users. It gives you access the ability to market your products and brand at the same time. With the addition of your unique tag to your store URL, you can track and get information about the shopping trends and behaviors quite easily. You can also keep your eye on sales, profits, conversion rates, demographics. All this helps you to generate quality ad campaigns that are according to the trends.

Sponsored product ads: this feature allows the seller on amazon to bid for specific keywords. With sponsored products, you gain more visibility. It also helps you rank higher on the search results of your customers on the product result pages. The sellers bidding quality using an automation tool can be high or low depending on the opportunity for the conversions. This is an amazing tool since you only have to pay for an ad when someone clicks on your product.

Sponsored brand ads:

Sponsored brand ads

You can access this feature when you have successfully registered your brand on the amazon store set-up. With this feature, you are one step ahead in promoting your brand not just with your products but separately as well. With your brand name and logo, you can choose 3 additional products of yours that you want to feature in your ad. This is an amazing way to target your audience through product listings on your Amazon storefront.

Sponsored display ads: for those people who know advertisements or have experience in handling ads with high budgets investments, then you will find it very useful. What it all does is that it can create multi-faceted retargeting campaigns that are purely based on your customer’s product preference, categorization, rather than targeting specific keywords to make your brand prominent. The best thing about this feature s that it is not limited to the Amazon platform. Product pages and branded amazon stores that people have clicked off your pages can be used in a retargeting campaign.

Amazon analytics:

Amazon analytics

After your brand registered using amazons brand analytic feature will make a success out of your business with all the information and analyses you get on your brand. It is easily accessible to sellers who have their brand registered. All this data and analysis will help you compare to your competitors and be better than them. You can also analyze the demographic of your clients with regards to age, income, gender, education, and preference.

Now coming to the creation of an amazon branded store!

Now coming to the creation of an amazon branded store!

Professional seller account: if you do not have an account then your first step is to make your professional sellers account and wait for it to get approved.

You will need to give the following information on hand:

  • Account name
  • Business address
  • Tax identification number
  • Identity verification
  • Bank statement
  • Payment details for amazon fees
  • Bank account details for your bi-weekly deposits

Amazon brand registry:

Amazon brand registry

It is an essential step that you have to complete to create an amazon store. Unfortunately, it is not available to resellers, only for a brand that has actively registered their trademark on their products and packaging.

Once you are done with these formalities you will be allowed to access features like increased advertising opportunities, gated brand products, brand massaging advice, lifestyle images, and other very useful assets you can use to promote your store and brand. For registering your brand you will need:

  • Registered trademarked brand name
  • Registered brad serial number
  • Name of countries where the production and distribution of your products tales [lace
  • Image of the brand name on your product
  • Image of your brand name in the product label
  • Image of your product

For the most exciting part! Creating your Amazon store!

This is the most exciting of steps involved in creating your amazon store and homepage. Click on the manage stores in your seller central area select the homepage theme that suits your brand the best with its template and you are ready!

Many people are not fond of the templates that amazon offers itself. In this likely case, you can drag and drop tiles that include text, images, and video while highlighting your key products. Now you can even add a short video on your homepage that tell your customers about your brand and its goals. It helps reinforce the brand image and show faces behind the names who handles their products and their packaging.

Build the pages:

Build the pages

After the completion of the homepage that represents your brand, you can continue to build other supporting pages for your amazon store. These pages are very important and are a basic requirement in building your multifaceted online store. A tip you need to heed to gain more customers and good reviews. Always make sure that your online web store is simple and easy to navigate. It should not be overcrowded and filled with unnecessary words. If your website is not user firmly then it will cost you customers and money. Your customers should not feel frustrated instead they should smooth through all the purchasing stages and feel happy at the end.

Having a hierarchy to the structure of your amazon store is very crucial. All your pages should be high volume, have high-quality content with category pages and product pages. The three main templates for you to use that amazon provides:

Product grid: this template presents your products in a much simpler way. With the high volume of similar products display along its sides. You can also fit a huge number of products into the product page. This aids the customers and shoppers to browse through all the options easily and thoroughly with minimum page shifting and scrolling. This type of theme is very useful when customers want to compare products for better prices and such.

Marquee: this template design is a little complex. It allows the brands to include key product types on one page. While using high quality and resolution images, product descriptions, and features. You can also include positive reviews at the end. If your online store requirement is categorizing products then this is the right template choice for you. With this, your customers can easily find what they want.

Showcase: as the name suggests this template gives you the freedom of creating inspiring homepages and category pages. Your brand should make rich content, and high visuals that impress the potential customers into purchasing from your amazon store. You can feature your bestselling products and similar products like it that needs a push.

Addition of content titles:

Addition of content titles
Content titles is a concept you need to familiarize yourself with. It is a very important step to follow in creating a successful online Amazon store. Content titles help your customer’s browse and interact with your brand whether it is an image, or a video, gallery, or a product title.

Content titles are important they are not only good for categorizing products but helps customers in distinction and telling products apart. It also makes it easier for the customers who are looking for a particular product to purchase. By applying this technique your brand appears to be highly professional.

Product uploads: if you have completed all the above steps mentioned then you must have multiple products lined up for uploading. You can use your product amazon standard identification number (ASIN) to search for specific products and advertise them on your amazon store.

Here you get two options you can either add more products manually or let amazon add products in or store using the relevant keywords.

After reviewing, proofreading everything one time, and making sure that everything is as you want it to be you can go live!

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