When we talk about digital marketing you might have heard about conversion, conversion refers to the term that conversion the number of potential leads or visitors your customers. If you have a web page that does not do what it is meant to do then what good is it to you? Conversions happen if you have a landing page that is amazing and engaging. Similarly, that page needs to be optimized to target just the right kind of audience.

Good landing pages attract a lot of attention and turn in more organic traffic. It all might seem daunting but it’s not that hard. If you are a budding business then you need a helping hand! Softrick Solutions are here to do just that. We help you get your business from the ground up and to its highest heights. We understand the troubles of making your online business successful from scratch, it requires a lot of time and recourse. We can help you do just that. Now you don’t have to do everything yourself. We will help you to be the best version of your online business with the Landing page optimization services.

But first, let’s just learn a few basic things about landing page SEO

What is it exactly?

What is it exactly

A landing page is a page that focuses on targeted keywords that entice visitors to buy your products or services. It more often than not includes a call to action (CTA). CTA is an important part of inbound online marketing. A good CTA might even gain you a lot of customers a day. With the landing page, you want your goal to increase the total search traffic towards your website in the niche of your business. The landing page should be designed in such a way that gives all the relevant information to your visitor with just a skim of their eyes. Here is what a good landing page SEO should make your visitor do:

  • Get them to click on your landing page
  • Get your visitor to purchase your products/ services
  • Get your visitors permission to follow up with them through email, phone, etc.
  • Get your visitor to market you through word of mouth.
  • Get feedback from your visitors.

Landing pages work the best to gain information about your customers and potential buyers. It makes tracking their interests and analyzing their preferences and action quite easy. With the data gained from all the feedback data, you can keep your landing page modified and relevant.

Think of the landing page as your online store the first impression. And what wouldn’t you do to get a good impression on your customers? Exactly anything! People did just say that first impressions are forever.

By keeping your landing page optimized you are helping your online store website:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase the probability to get more attention
  • Increase your conversion rates

So now that you know what is a Landing page SEO And why you need it let’s move on to how to build one! 

Publish Landing page SEO to your domain

Publish Landing page SEO to your domain

This is one of the very first and important steps, to begin with! To gain any kind of benefit from your landing page they firstly need to be published under your domain. Using a third-party service to host your landing page will decrease your chances of achieving a high rank to zero. Concerning SEO using a third party, it is a bad decision that you should avoid making, or if you have made it see to it that it is rectified immediately. Landing page developers might cost extra but let us tell you it is worth every penny you spend on it! Many people will sell you this service for cost but at Softrick Solutions, we give you amazing bargains and discounts on Landing page SEO. We also have amazing money-saving packages for our long-term and new customers to make them feel welcome! While you are at it, you know what would be better entirely? To plan and host the landing page directly on your website! This is the best way to include your landing page on your website. You not only save money on the monthly fee you have to pay the third party for their service but build trust and credibility with your visitors so they don’t leave your websites thinking it to scams or fake. This is a good way to increase your conversions.

Next up is optimizing your landing page!

Next up is optimizing your landing page!

Never underestimate the power of optimization. If you follow the rules of SEO URLs you are bound to be a raging success in no time! Like:

Short and sweet- long URLs confuses search engines and users

Keywords- plug targeted keywords to get high ranking but beware of keyword stuffing. You don’t want your landing page to mark as spam.

Your landing page URLs should always be simple and easy to remember and in lower case. It makes the whole URL look uniform and a whole lot easier to understand! Like softricksolutions.com/landing-page-service. 

Choose your keywords wisely

Choose your keywords wisely

SEO optimization is the most used technique to gain relevance in the world of the internet. For your page to rank higher on any engine search you need to optimize your content for the keywords that are more popular with people. So you should know what keywords you should be using on your landing page. For normal website content, keyword optimization is easy enough but when it comes to optimizing landing pages it becomes tricky. Why? Because SEO keywords need to be in sync with the landing page copy. The best way to achieve this goal is to:

  1. Prepare your landing page without the SEO keywords plugins
  2. Choose what you want as keywords for your landing page to rank high in the SERPS
  3. Strategize the placing of those chosen keywords on your page, just like on-page SEO optimization.

Here are some methods on how to search for keywords for the optimization of your landing pages!

  • Keyword research tool:

Keyword research tool

Many people use keyword research or their websites. You can use many famous Keyword research tools like, SEMRUSH to get the best keywords that relate the most to your content.

  • Do your research: to find keywords that are most trending with websites and search engines is to analyze the keywords that drive traffic to pages that are ranking high in the search of google pages.

Many people might get overwhelmed but don’t worry Softrick Solutions is here for you to handle your business with professionalism when things get tough. We provide Landing page SEO solutions for all your website development problems!

Use on-page optimization guidelines!

Use on-page optimization guidelines!

Structuring your keywords in an on-page site is just what you need to do for your landing page! Let’s get to it then:

Title tag: the page title should include the keyword. It should be high-quality and short. Ideally, keywords are placed at the end of the sentence to get a more lasting impression.

Alt tag: adding alt tags to images in HTML is one way to do it. These Alt tags depict the content in a way that even search bots can read. Sometimes you will see that due to a glitch pictures are not loaded properly and instead an ALT tag will appear. A good quality Alt tag will describe an image and its content in simple and short words.

Meta description: Meta description is an important website ranking factor that should never be ignored. A Meta description is the small two-line description that comes under the website name on the Google search page. It should be convincing enough for the user to click on it in the search result. It contains a short and direct description of what they will find on the landing page when they click on it.

Heading: including keywords as heading tags that matched your page title is very useful in making your landing page on point. Subheadings are not be exempted from this, they are also very important and make most of the content on your landing page. In the subheading, this is where you use secondary keywords. Remember not to use them like you are stuffing them in, they have to make sense while maintaining a logic of flow of the sentence.

Internal links: use relevant internal links with the appropriate targeted anchor text. We suggest you use targeted primary keywords as anchor texts in your internal links as well. Internal links not only help make your site look credible but also helps you rank higher on search results pages as well.

All you need to do is:

All you need to do is

  • directly load The landing page from your homepage
  • Add a link to your landing page in your header and footer
  • Add links in your blog posts

If this is used correctly then internal links can help you redirect drive traffic and increase your conversion rate as well.

Images/videos: Images and videos themselves are considered important content, labeling them appropriate with primary keywords.

  1. Image SEO
  2. Filename
  3. Alt text
  4. Image captions
  5. Video SEO

Mobile friendly optimization

Mobile friendly optimization

More than 80% of landing pages are being viewed on mobiles rather than desktop PCs. This makes sure that you do not lose the major percentage of people, visitors, or conversion traffic. You might be thinking what comes under the heading of the optimization of landing page SEO for mobile users? Let’s scroll down and see!

  • No horizontal scrolling
  • Must have the same content as the desktop page
  • Optimizing speed
  • No popups
  • Different resolution settings

So what are you waiting for? Optimize your landing pages today!

So what are you waiting for Optimize your landing pages today

Landing pages are useless if they don’t serve their purpose, so take full advantage of them through Softrick Solutions Landing page SEO will help your website get the recognition it deserves. We help you get the best conversion rates with an increase in generation lead. The above-given guidelines are sure to make your online store a raging success!