Some might look at a URL, as a webpage location only. But for an SEO specialist, it is much more than that as URLs hold a significantly important piece of information that helps search engines in indicating various elements of the overall business and website. From the content of the page to the purpose of the content; your URL is portraying a lot so you should have the best SEO agency that will help you to generate SEO optimized URLs.

URLs are similar to being signals for the search engines, thus their optimization is crucial. A well-optimized URL is not only great for higher rankings and being recognized by search engines but it also enhances your website’s user experience. A search engine considers a bunch of elements before ranking a website and SEO optimized URLs are on the top of their priority list. Thus, a URL has to be attractive, accurate, and well-structured. But how to do all of this?

You can always hire an SEO service agency to help you in this context as an SEO specialist is the best person to help you optimize your URL effectively. SEO service by Softrick Solutions is a great option if you want to hire a specialist for the task.

However, having knowledge for your own sake is also very important? Why? Because this gives you an insight to what must be done. This means, that even if you are hiring the best SEO agency, you do know what practices have to be used. You gain power over the process and you are capable of judging whether your task is being done properly or not. Therefore, we have summed up some practices and tips that can guide you about how optimized URLs can be generated.



A bunch of factors composes and determine your website’s URLs but not all of them are meaningful. Thus, you must know the most important ones and we have compiled them here for you. An SEO specialist must focus on these practices and factors to optimize your website’s URL effectively. Let’s dig into the details.

   1. Readable URLs:

If the URL is not readable, search engines won’t be able to read it either. The majority of the visitors, read the URL before visiting the website or certain page. Readable URLsThe URL helps them understand what content they will be reading through if they get directed to that page. If your URL is dynamic and stuffed with a lot of words and does not make sense, you will be losing a lot of potential visitors right there. And search engines know this fact, which is why, URLs that are not readable, are not ranked by them. Customizing the URL for a better understanding of the audience, to make it easier to read through, is crucial.

A quick example might help you understand better;

The correct, readable URL might look like this:

The complex and un-readable URL looks like this: /index.php?=6573736=y66=p127

Thus, if you are in search of formal outfits, which URL will you instantly click on? We hope this demonstrates it well.

  2. Content Management:

A well-written URL portrays its importance. content managementThus, organizing your URL content is very important so that search engines can reflect on the importance of the information that you are providing. Many people do not know that search engines honor the web pages in the root folder, in an orderly manner, of which content should be on top of another one.

   3. Don’t use Capital Letters:

Another mistake that a lot of people make is using capital letters in their URLs. This is where the best SEO agency will be professional at their task and won’t make such mistakes for you. Even if you are using a capital letter, you might want to have a great justification for it.

You must know that capital letters tend to confuse the audience and the search engines too. They also make your URL hard to remember and thus, the probability of it not ranking will be higher. Thus, it is best to avoid using capital letters by all means.

   4. Avoid using Underscores:

The separation of words in the URL matters a lot. To optimize it perfectly, you must separate words. However, it is best to avoid using underscores while doing so. avoid using underscoresGoogle robots do not read underscores and all websites love to rank on Google, don’t they? They are set up to identify and read hyphens. If you want to get ranked, then you have to make sure that you are separating words with hyphens and not underscores.

5. Target Keyword is Important:targeting keywords is most important

Keywords are SEO specialists in themselves. They are an important factor that helps your website rank higher. Thus, you must try to fit your primary keyword in the URL, if possible. Many times, it becomes hard to add the primary keyword to the homepage. In such cases, you can try adding a keyword that is linked to your category page or a bestselling product.

   6. Block the unsafe URLs:block the unsafe urls

Bad URLs can penalize your website. Yes, you heard that right. Some websites have features that create duplicated URLs and these are a bummer for you and your business. Thus, it is best to block them before search engines detect those and penalize you. A good SEO service agency can help you in getting rid of the unsafe URLs or you can try doing it on your own with robots.txt.

   7. Adding Mobile URLs to Sitemap can help:

This is another great practice to optimize your URLs. Add the mobile-friendly URLs to a sitemap to tell the search engine about them. This helps in ranking the mobile-friendly URLs higher for people who search for a related product, service or content, through their mobile devices. Many people argue on this point that one does not need to do this if their website is responsive. We disagree! It is always better to be safer and this does not take a lot of time either and can be a majorly good decision for your content.

   8. 301 Redirect Broken URLs:

If you have to change the URL of any page of your website, make sure that you are informing the search engines about its new location. There are huge chances that the URL you are changing has been indexed by the search engine. If you are changing the URL, you might lose the link juice that you would have gathered through being indexed. Implementing 301 redirects on the old URL will help Google or any other search engine, get your new URL location easily. It is a very important step to take if you are changing your URL; thus don’t forget it.301 redirect broken urls

With these top 8 tips, you can generate well-optimized URLs for your website. These might not be too easy to manage on your own but you can always a good SEO agency USA, for this purpose and get professional help.


If you want a good SEO specialist to optimize your URLs, so that they can rank, then you have to invest some time and energy into researching for the best one. There are innumerable IT services these days which makes it confusing to pick the best one for your business. However, this is a huge investment and you don’t want it to be a to find best seo agency

Firstly, research for the best SEO services and then shortlist the ones that attract you the most. Secondly, start exploring the websites of the services you have chosen and read through their terms and policies. Ask for price quotations and compare them, looking at what fits in your budget. It is best to read through customer reviews as people who have used the services will narrate their experiences better. We personally recommend trying the SEO service by Softrick Solutions as they are one of the best SEO agency to rely upon, in the IT industry at the moment.


If you haven’t been paying much attention to your URLs, then it is about time that you start doing it now. They are your deal maker or deal breaker for ranking in search engines. If you are not paying attention to their readability, separation and all the elements mentioned above, then you are losing a lot of audiences. You are also pushing yourself in the dark, for search engines. Thus, poorly optimized URLs is the last thing that your business website needs. Make sure that they are optimized and are readable enough to attract visitors towards it.