Covid-19 has moved the world and negative impacts on health, economies, and businesses have been larger than ever. Where a lot of people were hopeful that the virus will make its way out by the end of 2020, no such miracle is expected to happen in the near future. As the second wave has hit many countries and currently making its way to several other countries; there are a lot of speculations that have confused the world.

Businesses have survived a lot and they will in the coming months. The loss and negative impacts on the business world won’t diminish miraculously. Also, a third wave is also predicted as some countries are experiencing it already.

importance in digital marketing

Marketing is the key to spread the word about your business and products/services. However, with the pandemic and the looming uncertainty, the biggest question for people is whether they should budget for their digital marketing campaigns yet or not? Well, we will be helping you explore the answer to this and understand the importance of digital marketing, even during Covid.

Should your budget for digital marketing with the second wave of Covid-19 hitting worldwide?

The first wave of Covid-19 taught us all something huge; online shopping is never going to stop. People have started relying on online shopping endlessly. Thus, in the coming months, businesses are going to rely heavily on digital marketing. From grocery shopping to basic necessity shopping and from gadget shopping to clothing; everything is now being bought online, within the safe premises of one’s home.

Should you budget for digital marketing with the second wave of Covid-19 hitting worldwide

We don’t want to sound like an extremist, declaring the finale that digital marketing is the ultimate answer to all your Covid business troubles. This is because you need to have a budget to make your business survive. If your business survives through these tough times, it can definitely budget for digital marketing too. And let’s be honest, digital marketing is not too costly. If you use the right mediums ad platforms, you can easily budget for digital marketing and it will be worth it. The pandemic has bought a huge surge in online activity, unlike any that has been seen in the history of the internet.

The concept of live conferences and events has been diminished and we have no idea when these will resurface or whether they ever will as people are getting comfortable with the online meetings and E-Systems.

So should you budget for digital marketing whilst the second wave of Covid-19 is ready to make havoc? Well, you absolutely should as this is the time to build your brand awareness online. The majority of people who never used the internet as a shopping medium are now relying on it blindly. Therefore, you are able to capture a larger global market during this pandemic and you can benefit from digital marketing largely. Digital marketing with Softrick Solutions can help you create a meaningful strategy for your business that brings in flexibility too.

Innovation comes in Crisis:

innovation comes in crisis

The world is in crisis but if we don’t adjust to the changing times, we will face adverse effects. With tons of digital marketing services, offering the best to you, you can budget your marketing costs effectively and make the most out of this time.

How can you advertise your message during these times?

No matter what your business is; you can bring it online. If you have an auto business and you had been planning to create a website for it; now is the time to unleash that innovation. Likewise, if you have a clinic or a spa, you can think of ways to spread a message via the internet platforms and market your brand. The crisis should force you to innovate and carve a path for your business. You get the basic idea, right? Being stuck in a situation doesn’t mean that you need to sit and wait for the path to be cleared.

How can you advertise your message during these times

The pandemic is not going anywhere in the near future. If you do not make your own path; you won’t be able to survive in the competitive industry where people are opting for different mediums to keep their business going.

Different Mediums to use for Digital Marketing

mediums to use digital marketing

Digital marketing services are vast. The practices that are used in this form of marketing are extremely effective and have a highly positive impact on one’s business. We see various latest digital marketing trends rising now and then and some of them are absolutely crucial to gain brand awareness and boost your leads and sales. Thus, here we have summed up some mediums of digital marketing that you can utilize during the pandemic, to gain the benefits to most.

1. SEO:

Organic search holds a lot of importance in digital marketing. It is when an individual enters a keyword or phrase in the search engine and gets directed to similar content. When the individual clicks on the content and visits a website, he/she is referred to as organic traffic. To gain organic traffic, you have to focus on search engine optimization. SEO is a largely used term but not everyone can make it work. Hiring a digital marketing agency might help you fasten up the process as an SEO expert is likely to derive better outcomes than you.  Also, SEO does not do wonders overnight. It is a time taking process as organic traffic cannot be built within days.

2. Social Media:

Social media is the most powerful tool of digital marketing. Platforms like Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube are now used widely for the purpose of marketing and we have seen various businesses flourish through these mediums impeccably well. Social traffic is relatively easier to build than organic traffic but requires a proper strategy. social mediaYou have to create relevant and frequent content for your social media profiles and build a good following for your product, services, or word to have authority. Staying in touch with your social media audience will help you in building your traffic.

3. Email:

Email marketing is a rather old but very useful medium of digital marketing. By using outbound email campaigns and interactions, your traffic is built. For instance, a person clicks on the link provided to them in the email and lands on your website then that is referred to as email marketing As people are now locked down in their homes, email marketing can be a useful tool to market your business. People are more likely to actually read through their emails now as they have plenty of time on their hands. The best part about email marketing is that it is the least costly and has fair enough results too. Thus, giving this one a try won’t leave you disappointed. And it won’t go too hard on your wallet either.

4. Referral:

Referred traffic arrives from one website to another and is usually done through word of mouth. Backlinks and citations play a huge role in this task. Many small businesses avoid the concept of building links and this is where they limit their chances of success.

Referred traffic arrives

Backlinks are not needed to generate traffic only. They play a huge role in building your website’s authority. During the pandemic, you can work effectively to pursue backlinks and build your website’s authority. This is a time taking process and now is the right time to work on it.


To answer whether you should budget for digital marketing not, during the second wave of Covid, is simply yes! Yes, you should budget for it and do it smartly.

There are various channels or mediums which can be used for effective and cost-effective digital marketing. The latest trends of digital marketing have made it easier to achieve desired goals within a short time period. Digital marketing with Softrick solutions can help you manage your marketing strategies efficiently and make a smart budget too.

This pandemic requires you to explore your opportunities and create your own paths, to achieve success. If you are surviving through this crisis, you must put in all the right efforts to flourish through it effectively too. It is time to market your voice and build your brand authority.