The pandemic has hit the world hard and has effected almost all industries in an extremely negative manner. Similarly, it has left an impact on digital marketing too and many businesses are now questioning whether they should keep working on their digital marketing strategy or simply quit it!

With people losing their jobs and no new sources of income, May small businesses have closed or are on the verge of shutting down completely. Many big brands have also put their operation on hold for a while. With so much going on, the confusion about digital marketing has had a lot of people, scratching their heads in worry.

If you have been availing digital marketing services, to uplift your business, then you might be facing the same dilemma. Should you carry on or just drop the idea? Well, we are going to look into the matter deeply, to discuss the possible effects of Corona virus on the marketing industry and whether you should withdraw from the marketing services or keep going on!

Should you cancel digital marketing?

Well, Covid 19 has had all of us going bonkers. And if you are confused whether you should cancel your business’s digital marketing strategy or not; then you are at the right place.Should you cancel digital marketing We have summed up some major queries which can help you find the answers to your trouble. By looking deep into these questions, you can easily manage to decide whether you should cancel digital marketing or not.

  • Is your industry going to exist after the pandemic?

What is the long term vision of your industry? Understanding the position of the entire industry will help you determine whether your business will survive for the coming times or not.Is your industry going to exist after the pandemic Once the pandemic is gone, will your industry be strong enough? If yes, then avail the latest digital marketing trends, to flourish your business further.

  • Will your customers will shop online after Covid?

Your target audience determines a lot in your business. If you have been assuming that people won’t shop online during the pandemic; the assumption is completely false.Will your customers will shop online after Covid A major spike has been witnessed in internet users, after the pandemic. This clearly shows that people are buying more and more online and this trend will definitely go up with time. Thus, if your industry is selling good during the pandemic, it will definitely stay after the pandemic too. So keep working hard on your digital marketing.

  • Will digital marketing grow or vanish?

What do you think about this? According to the stats and facts, digital marketing will only grow in the coming times. Internet has become a perfect getaway for people during the lockdown time and they see it as a life savior.Will digital marketing grow or vanish Internet has experienced the highest number of people online, during the pandemic. This is time when businesses owners can benefit from digital marketing largely and they must do so.

  • Is SEO a good option?

Many companies have stopped working on their search engine optimization campaigns, so that they can lessen their financial costs. Well, considering this, startups and small businesses can take leverage of this and simply invest in SEO. Is SEO a good optionIt can help you get ahead in the cut-throat competition. Yet again, you have to research about your industry first and then decide. It can be a potentially great idea.

  • Do you want to stay in the industry for a long time?

When you are availing digital marketing services, you must always keep them long term. It needs at least 6 or 9 months to bring an extremely high return to you. If you stop it in the middle, it will only hinder your growth and Google will stop ranking you. Thus, if you are planning to stay in the industry for a long time, we would suggest you to keep working on your digital marketing strategy.Do you want to stay in the industry for a long time

If you have answered all these questions, you might have your answer! If your budget and long term visions are aligned, then we wouldn’t suggest you to stop investing in online advertisement. It is a very important stepping stone towards success and can be your deal maker.

Impact of Covid 19 on Digital Marketing?

Many businesses have come to a halt or complete shutdown during the lockdown. Many countries are again entering he lockdown situation as the second wave is approaching us. At this time, digital marketing agency industry has also suffered a lot. Many businesses have stopped their marketing operations or have temporarily closed them.Impact of Covid 19 on Digital Marketing

If you are one of those businesses who have withdrawn from the services that they have been availing through a digital marketing company; the outcomes won’t be great. You will experience a downfall in your business drastically as new businesses will overtake, during this time. It will result in less traffic, less sales and low search engine ranking.

Digital marketing is definitely not an overnight magical wand that will turn your dreams into reality within the blink of an eye. It requires constant effort and investment too. The industry has not been adversely affected by the pandemic as many business have started working online to sell their products and services.

If you are smart enough, you wouldn’t put a halt on your marketing campaigns as this is the time when you can push through the competition and get visible presence.

What is the solution?

We all are in this together! It is a difficult phase for the entire world and everyone is suffering in one way or another.

The question here arises; what strategies should businesses opt for in these difficult times?What is the solution

If we understand the consumer behavior during the pandemic, a drastic change has occurred. The mind shift of consumers is different now. Markets are closed and the basic necessities of life are now being sold at higher rate. Everyone is staying at home and many people are now jobless.

Now, the market is different and the consumer too. This is where the marketers need to change their approach. A professional digital marketing company will definitely shift their thought and work process during this time.

  • Work on short term strategies:

The best thing that digital marketers can do right now is to stay flexible. The times are uncertain and one might need to change their marketing campaign to something different, at any time. Adaptability to any situation is important.Work on short term strategies

Every strategy only shows results when it is implemented. Whether it will work or not, is a blind game. Thus create short term strategies and see whether they work or not. Understand your audience, check whether your product has any demand or not and evaluate your traffic too. Make a strategy on the basis of these three elements and keep it short term.

  • Try PPC:

Focusing on pay per click might help you a lot during this situation. Stats show that ppc has helped businesses in yielding more audience than other marketing methods. As the supply of goods has been limited, the leading platforms like Twitter, Google and Facebook ads have less ads showing up. This can be the chance to help your business come up front.Try PPC Before you get started with ppc, you need to determine the objectives you want to avail through these ads. You also have to explore the best network you’re your industry and determine your funnel. Lastly, keeping your strategy short term, evaluate your results first and then implement further.

  • Webinars:

Webinars have become a huge marketing tool in the online world. It is extremely engaging and keeps the audience hooked. According to stats, 80% internet users, love watching brand videos and prefer it more too. WebinarsThus, utilizing this medium can be a wonderful idea during this pandemic. You can attain sales and signups. Before you hold a webinar, just make sure that you do a live run test of it earlier. Also, promotion of the webinar is crucial. Use all your social platforms to market the webinar before it launches.


We cannot overlook the fact that coronavirus has hit every industry deeply. With no signs of it disappearing, we have to learn to live with it. This is where digital marketing can actually help you a lot during this time. If you have the investment, we would suggest you to hire services of digital marketing with Softrick Solutions and take your business to newer heights. It might not flourish impeccably during this time but if your industry exists after the pandemic too; you can avail a lot from it, for sure.