Performing an SEO audit of your website is the smartest thing you can do for your business. It is also important due to many reasons. It is easier to find and eliminate problems that hinder you in running your business smoothly and without a hitch. While keeping your business in order it also keeps your website up to date and fresh with the latest, interesting and invigorating developments in search marketing because of the competition. At Softrick Solutions, we offer the best SEO audit service you will ever find to make our business prosperous in no time.

What is an SEO audit exactly?

What is an SEO audit exactly

This is the question that has been asked by a lot of beginners in this field. But don’t worry we have your back. With easy to understand theory and wording we will help you understand what it is and what important trends it holds for the year 2021 to keep you updated on new developments.

To put it simply an SEO audit is the process of evaluating the friendliness of the search engine of a website in several areas. The main aim of the SEO audit is to assist you in optimizing a website so that it can get higher rankings in the results of search engines. You might have heard and seen a lot of tools and apps for SEO auditing but the best way to do it still is to use a guide by a professional or hire top SEO services to do the work for you. They will manually review the SEO auditing of your website that is much thorough and detailed. At Sofrick Solutions, we come up with effective SEO auditing solutions so your website can have enhanced performance with an improved search engine.

Why is an SEO audit so important for your website?

Why is an SEO audit so important for your website

The world changes with every passing minute that includes all living beings in with and different things related to the. The most important things that change are the trends and fashion in your area of business expertise to stay on top of your competition. SEO auditing helps you do just that. Especially in the SEO industry what works today might not work anymore after 3 to 4 months from now. Did you know that Google reports have it on records that thousands of updates are being made daily in the ranking algorithm per year and the SEO audit helps you keep track of that as well? It is necessary to perform a consistent SEO audit check of your website at least two times per year to make sure that your website is following up on the last trends of the SEO world.

Moving on to the important segment of this article!

What are the new trends that you are expected to follow up on in 2021?

After knowing what an SEO audit is and why it is important let’s go through a checklist that you can follow easy step by step to make sure that your website is up-to-date and ready to work its magic.

1. Checking for penalties

Checking for penalties

The first step in doing anything is that if you are going against the law or in this case if your website is penalized by Google in the world of SEO audit. If there is a manual or an algorithmic penalty under your website then your rankings might be affected negatively. If you hire a proper SEO audit service then you will be able to figure out when the penalty was imposed and the reason why it was penalized in the first place. You can then start to make a contingency plan to correct the issues and remove the penalty successfully.

Below are given two of the easiest ways to check if you have any Google penalties:

We at Softrick Solutions follow these techniques as well. The first one is to log in to the Google search console and select the manual actions options present at the left menu on the screen. If there is no manual action imposed on your website the repost will say no issues detected.

The second way is by comparing your Google organic traffic for the dates Google released a change in the algorithms. By looking at the sudden increase or decrease in your organic website traffic you can easily deduce of you have been imposed a penalty by Google or not. You can simply log onto your Google analytics, go to acquisitions/ traffic, and select source/ medium from the left menu. Then select the option “Google/ organic” that will be present in the right panel of the screen. A screen will appear with a long history of dates on it. Compare the dates that have big changes in their traffic charts.

On the off chance of your website being penalized then you might want to update your website by running an SEO audit. It should include a check-in your content quality, remove or add more relevant pages, etc.

2. Domain search appearance check:

Domain search appearance check

In this step, you will search for your brand/ company/ business name in the Google search engine and review the results on the results page. Now these are the things you need to check for once you see the results:

  • Does your homepage rank first on the result page?
  • Is Google showing site links under your listings?
  • Does it contain pages descriptions below the homepages and are they accurate?
  • Is there a graph entry on Google my business listing?
  • Are the name and information on your Google my business page correct?
  • Are the other websites on the result pages relevant to the nature of your brand or business?

If you do encounter any of the problems bulleted above then here is what you will want to do:

  • Review and optimize the structure of your site
  • Review your homepage SEO
  • Verify your Google my business page and double-check all the information if it is still relevant and accurate.

3. Performing a technical SEO audit

Performing technical SEO audit

This step involves doing a thorough review of your website starting with a technical SEO audit service. It comes first because you can make sure that the search engines can access it while indexing your pages without issues. Don’t get scared with the word technical it is quite simple and easy to do. You don’t have to be a seasoned developer or a system administrator to go through the steps. If you want to get familiar with what steps you might want to follow while doing a technical SEO then have a look at the list below:

  • Do you have a Google search console registered website?
  • Do you own a specified domain in the Google search console?
  • Optimization of your robots.txt file
  • Do you have SEO-friendly URLs?
  • Activation of breadcrumb menu
  • Is the data n your website structured?
  • Have a legal URL set for all your pages
  • Optimization of 404 page
  • Optimization of XML sitemap
  • Is your site fast enough?
  • Does your site URL have HTTPS?
  • Is mobile user-friendly?
  • Do you have accelerated mobile pages?
  • How many languages is your website available in?

4. Performing an on-page SEO audit

Performing an on-page SEO audit

Dealing with the content on your website is very interesting and easy to do. On-page SEO is the most important step of running the SEO audit. You can cover many areas within your website when you are going through this step. Your main goals should be to make the content easy to understand so that your website users don’t get frustrated and leave your website halfway reading through it.

  • Optimize and check your titles and their descriptions
  • Check the headings and formatting of the text
  • Check the SEO of your content
  • Does your content have internal links?
  • Did you run an image SEO?
  • Are there any broken links?
  • Check the user-friendliness of your site
  • Use proper banner ads

5. Performing an off-page SEO audit

Performing an off-page SEO audit

Off-page, SEO is the method and technique that is issued to promote your website on the internet. It comes under the heading of link building. SEO backlinks and offsite SEO are an addition under the umbrella of SEO auditing. They include Google algorithms that make your website good quality and make it rank higher in Google results respectively. These are important steps that you have to follow or your website will be at greater risk of being ranked low on the Google result page. Low-quality incoming links can also be a reason to get your website penalized by Google.

The only thing you need to add in this step is to check for your incoming links while identifying and eliminating any toxic links on your website.

6. Social media audit performance

Social media audit performance

If you are familiar with running your own business online or handle a few of your business’s social media accounts you will know when we tell you that making your presence known online is quite hard. Surviving online especially for small and startup businesses can be difficult without having a social media presence. If you neglect social media then it can be quite harmful to your website and brand image. To turn into a force to be reckoned with online you have to get distinctive of the traffic and income sources of your website. Your website depending on a single source id not feasible. You may wonder why social media is important to your SEO auditing process. Here is why you should concentrate on it:

Social media affects your SEO affects you directly. It makes it easy for your customers to follow new trends and information about your business via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and much more!

What to expect with softrick solutions manual SEO auditing? And why are we the most skilled at it?

What to expect with softrick solutions manual SEO auditing. And why are we the most skilled at it

If you have read the above guidelines with concentration you will have come to know that it is more thorough than most of the SEO tools you find online. These tools run on a predefined pattern and are not flexible enough to handle or match the experience and expertise of a manual SEO audit of our SEO specialists. You can have some advantages hiring an organic SEO service If you want to find out more about our services done hesitate to visit our website and see what we offer in our SEO auditing services for you. You should expect:

A detailed description of the existing state of your website including analysis of your website performance in search, social media platforms, your external and internal links, and other related websites to your content.

A last of action taken our top SEO services with explanations for every step and item on the list.

A report from our google SEO audit explaining a complete interest marketing strategy for taking your website to the best possible sources of traffic and opportunities on the internet worldwide.

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