The basic and high priority aim of every e-commerce seller ever is to generate more sales. But as much as every business yearns for it; how does one actually achieve it?

The key feature that plays an essential role in your business, is your website’s design and development. If your website is not visually appealing and optimized well, then it might not be a deal maker for you. A visitor just takes 3-5 seconds to decide whether they wish to explore your website or not. Thus, if your online store is not appealing their eyes; they might not stay for longer than 10-20 seconds and leave. According to the statistics, almost 34% visitors leave an online retail from the homepage as it does not compel them much.websites design and development

Every e-commerce business owner has to focus on converting a large number of their visitors, into their customers. However, it requires a lot of effort and handful of patience too. Some E-commerce website design practices can be your best bet in converting visitors into customers. You can look for affordable e-commerce development services to implement the practices effectively and professionally so that the outcome is great.

Implementing the right design practices to your website make a huge difference and contribute largely to generating sales.

Best Ecommerce Website Design Practice to Opt for:

The significance of a good website design is unavoidable. If you are overlooking this factor; you are basically compromising your brand’s identity, losing your customer’s trust and interest and also hindering user experience.Best Ecommerce Website Design Practice to Opt for An e-commerce business must never ignore the essentiality of website design. Thus, we have summed up the best practices that you can follow, to build a strong brand identity and offer a wonderful user-experience to your visitors.

Let’s dive right in.

  1. User Centered Design:

If you want to have an example for this; Apple is the leader here. The homepage of Apple’s website is extremely eye catching and chic. They create a very visually pleasing effect and also add their latest product right there; in front of the visitors eyes. By doing so, they are not just creating a great aesthetic to their website but they are centering the attention of the visitor, on their latest product. And let’s agree to the fact that we do find ourselves drooling over it.User Centered Design

How do they manage it? They simply think about their user while creating their website design. They offer amazing representation and an exceptional user experience to stand out. Center the attention of your website design, on your audience and you are good to attract them. This design method is being used by many e-commerce stores now and is a major hit.

  1. Mobile Responsive Design:

Well, we live in an era where we cannot breathe for long without our mobiles. And studies reveal the truth that more than 70% people now tend to shop online. Thanks to the virus this year, the online retail shopping has doubled and thus, the boost in e-commerce businesses is experienced.Mobile Responsive Design

Now, what does a mobile responsive design look like? Well, it is highly user friendly and makes buying a very quick and easy task. And this is what the user loves! If your website is not mobile friendly and makes shopping a bit of hassle; the visitor will simply leave.

Focus on readability and user friendliness in this design practice as it will boost the number of your visitors and will convert many of them into your customers. The mobile experience should be wonderful for the users to ensure that they stay, explore and then buy from you.

  1. Product Showcase Design:

This is another, much used e-commerce website design practice and if done right, it is quite effective too. With online shopping taking a toll, it is crucial to bring an in-person shopping experience for your online visitors. Where this might sound impossible for newbies, the product showcase design practice can help you achieve it.Product Showcase Design

As the online shoppers are unable to feel or touch your products, the way you showcase them is the only solution to have their attention grabbed. Three key features play a very crucial role here:

  • Make sure that your product photography is incredible.
  • Capture the details, so the customers can view them.
  • Always show your latest items up front.

Pay attention to the features and benefits of your products and make sure to mention them on your website too. Your visitor must know what they will be achieving, by shopping through you. You can boost your ecommerce sales through Softrick Solutions as they are one of the best IT experts who offer unique e-commerce solutions for your business. They are super pro at showcasing the products in a very professional and visually appealing manner. You won’t regret handing your worries off to them at all.

  1. Display your Site Security:

Retail stores have a security guard, sitting outside, to ensure security to the customers coming in. likewise, people who visit your online store, want assurance that their details are secure with you. This is why, your website security is a huge concern that must not be overlooked.Display your Site Security

Cyber-attacks have tripled over time and this concern of online shoppers is quite accurate. Contact and credit card data is extremely personal and people don’t want it to be at risk, at all. The importance of an amazing security system for your website must never be overlooked as it really is one of the strongest pillar of your business. If it is shaky; you are simply not trustworthy for the customers.

All your security checks should be displayed on the website. You can also have a safety terms and conditions and policies page to make sure that the visitors know how their information is being dealt. Security badges make a huge difference and if your website doesn’t have those, many people will turn around from homepage, without making a purchase.

  1. User Friendly Checkout:

Complicated checkouts are the last thing that any customer wants. You might even lose a potential customer right there if they are unable to checkout from the page easily. They will simply drop the products and head over to a competitor’s website to get what they want. Therefore, designing your checkout page is crucial.User Friendly Checkout

Your checkout page is said to be one of the most important pages of your e-commerce website. Your website designer must pay full attention to this page and put in all effort to make it user friendly and easy. So how can you make your checkout page great? Here are some quick tips.

  • The checkout page’s form must be minimal. Do not ask for unnecessary information from the customer. They will simply get annoyed and leave. Make it super basic and quick to fill.
  • To keep the process simple and quick, make a step by step process. Direct your customer from filling the form to billing and then shipping and they are done. Don’t complicate everything together. Segregation really makes things easier.
  • NEVER make “sign up” a necessary step for your customers during checkout. 70% of them will leave or even more. Many of us have done that, right? We are too lazy to create an account and we ditch the entire thought. It really gets irritating, especially for first time visitors. They won’t return to your website.
  1. Testimonials:

Testimonials or as we refer to it as customer reviews, play a huge role in impacting the buying decision of the customers. Studies show that more than 60% of the buyers choose to buy from websites, where they can view customer reviews. It builds trust for the brand.Testimonials

You can either go for customer reviews or testimonials, depending on what you like. There isn’t much difference between the two and they both do the same task; help build credibility of your brand. You can back up your product with your own words. But these words aren’t as powerful as customer reviews.

Showcase your reviews or testimonials on your website’s homepage so people can see how people have reacted to your services or your products. Positive reviews always boost people to buy from you and enhance your business.


Web development ecommerce is not just about designing a product and putting it out there for the world to see and buy. A lot of effort and thought process goes into building a successful e-commerce website.Final Verdict

The best ecommerce website focuses on essential design features, as mentioned above, to stand out and be unique for the buyers. You can always hire professional help to build and maintain your ecommerce business for you as the pros know exactly what needs to be done. Boost your ecommerce sales with Softrick Solutions as they offer excellence in terms of all the important website design practices that are usually overlooked by us.

Build a website that leaves an impact on the visitors and compels them to stay and buy from you.