As fresh entrepreneurs, one is usually too eager to start their journey. Beginners mostly assume that they can easily manage a bunch of tasks, on their own. However, you can certainly multi-task but you cannot excel at various skills, at the same time. Similar is the case with digital marketing.

With the passage of time, digital marketing has evolved massively. There are a bunch of new trends in online marketing that can be utilized to their best, to boost your business’s online presence and generate sales. As new and latest digital marketing trends surface, it gets a bit confusing, as to which ones might actually be helpful. The confusion can be set apart, if you let the pros do their task. We highly recommend digital marketing services by Softrick Solutions as they understand each new trend perfectly. They personalize every client’s business and marketing needs, which lets them focus on the trends that can be marketing trends

There are always some specific marketing trends that are the most useful and must not be ignored, if you wish to gain success in your industry. Picking those precisely can be tough as the world of internet is filled with cut-throat competition and you never know, what might turn around to be a wrong decision. This is why, it is best to pick professional services when it comes to planning and developing marketing campaigns.

So what are the digital marketing trends 2020, that cannot be and must not be ignored? Well, we are going to disclose them to you, right here. But before that, we will be peeking into the importance of digital marketing, especially, in today’s era.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

You can definitely attract a good amount of people through local or traditional marketing practices. But the huge number of audience that you can gather through online mediums, these days, is massive. The online potential is huge and thus, having an online presence is extremely crucial.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has innumerable perks and it is important to reap its benefits, so that your business can flourish in the right ways. Here are some key factors why every small and large business must follow top digital marketing trends, to unleash their potential to the fullest:

  • You are able to reach to a global audience through marketing your business online.
  • Online marketing gives you space for interacting with your audience and learn about their perspectives and what they might be searching for.
  • It is cost effective and has much better outcome, as compared to traditional marketing methods.
  • Every campaign you set, can be tracked. It gives you a huge space to grow and learn about your audiences in depth. This further aids you in making the needed amendments in your business.

Larger audience, global marketplace, trackable progression and open communication are just some of the most crucial key factors that make digital marketing a huge asset for today’s business world. If you aren’t indulging in setting up and planning strong online marketing campaigns for your brand; you are losing in the competitive era today.


Now that we have discussed the importance of digital marketing briefly, we are going to dig into the two most crucial trends of online marketing that are unavoidable.

digital marketing trends 2020

Voice Search:

We cannot deny that voice search is getting famous with every passing day. It is becoming a huge and very important part of the digital marketing industry.

Voice Search

Hey Siri, play Ed Sheeran songs.

Hey Alexa, find me the best nearest doctor to me.

And the list can go on!

A year or two back, statistics claimed that by 2020, 50% of various searches will be done through voice search. In 2018, 20% of the mobile users, were already using voice search on Google.

Voice searches have evolved over time and provide very accurate data through audio content. Voice search assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google are extremely less likely to get any errors. As they are artificial intelligence, they are becoming highly reliable for people nowadays.

Many companies have turned their course towards voice search as it has proven to be a powerful asset for digital marketing these days. It allows them to deliver valuable content to their audience which makes their brand efficient and powerful. You might be looking for an example, right? Well, Domino’s Pizza has been using this marketing trend to boost their sales effectively.

If you still think that voice search is not a huge trend right now; you need to re-evaluate. Google Home and Alexa speakers have also experienced a rise in their buyers. It shows that the consumer market for these voice search devices is growing.

New researches have revealed that 32% people possess a smart speaker these days. Moreover, 705 of these people use voice search on daily basis. Even people who do not own a smart speaker, do claim that it is getting important to own this gadget as it is extremely helpful.

We repeat; audio content will soon be touching the skies. Brands will turn towards it blindly and they already are. It is a great weapon to enhance brand awareness. Even voice search ads are making their way into the world of digital marketing. The times when your search engine optimization team will advise you to invest in voice ad space is nearing day by day. Therefore, it is best that you do not overlook the marketing trend of voice search at all. It has made its space in the online marketing world and it will soon be everywhere.

Alternative Ad Networks:

Google is the big guy when it comes to marketing your business and so is Facebook. Every small or large business wants to drive traffic towards their website and social media and these two platforms can do wonders. We all know the drill here, right? But this does not mean that you must not keep other alternatives into consideration.

Alternative Ad Networks

For startups, it is always better to consider alternatives. You might ask WHY? The advertising prices are three times higher of Facebook and Google. The prices of these two platforms are rising and will keep going up due to the heavy traffic they are able to magnetize. Moreover, the advertisement limitations are pretty strict on both the podiums which makes it very tough for startups to utilize them to the fullest. Certain niches like medicine, gaming and affiliate marketing find these two platforms to be extremely challenging in terms of costs and limitations.

So choosing other ad networks is not a losing situation at all. In the recent digital marketing trends, other ad networks are becoming a good alternative for many. But there are some key factors that you must consider before opting for the alternatives. Here are the top 2 stats, one must know about:

  • Mobile users shop and spend two times more than the ones that do not shop through their mobiles.
  • 95% people now use their phones to look up for local businesses and get their information right away.

Alternative ad networks have extremely amazing and decent packages these days. Their targeting options are also quite sophisticated which makes them a much attractive option these days.  Thus, the best alternatives for your ads are:

  • ONE by AOL: This is a mobile advertisement company that places thousands of ads daily, for various websites and apps. It is highly flexible as it lets you set your targets and bids etc. The best part about it is that it has no minimum deposit limitation either. So if you have a small budget and are a fresh startup, ONE by AOL, might be your best bet.
  • Air push: Air Push is being used by innumerable business globally. It helps you reach out to thousands of viewers within a day. It is best known for its transparency.


Digital marketing is now the epitome of a successful business. It is the key ingredient that guarantees success. However, it will only work if you create a strong digital marketing campaign. It is highly recommended that you must hire professionals if you have the budget to do the task for you. Marketing might seem like everybody’s cup of tea; but it isn’t.


With the growing trends of digital marketing, one needs the right guidance to get their targeted audience and boost their conversions too. We repeat; do not overlook the digital marketing trends of voice search and alternative ad networks. They can be your deal maker!