SEO seems like a huge challenge; something that is too hard to achieve. Well, the internet world has made us all believe the importance of search engine optimization. But at the same time, it has us believing that magnetizing traffic towards your website is a huge hurdle.

SEO is tough but it gets super complicated if you have lack of knowledge. There are some handful of tactics that one must know about, in order to increase your website traffic.

Search engine optimization is the key to success for blogs and business websites. Many people have no idea about it and thus, they tend to hire professionals for it. This is definitely the right approach as you don’t want to keep struggling for years and years to figure out how to increase your website traffic through correct utilization of SEO tactics. If you are looking for great help, then you can increase site traffic with Softrick Solutions.

Secrets to Boosting your Website Traffic:

Well, yes there are a lot of secrets when it comes to SEO and while you cannot get to know about all of them; we will be unveiling some of the most important ones with you, right here. If you have been struggling to get an answer to how to increase your website traffic, then you are at the right place. Keep scrolling as we spill the secrets for you.

  1. Remove all the broken links from your website

Did you know that broken links are a bummer for your website’s ranking? It can have a negative impact on your credibility. Thus, it is really important to look for all the broken links on your website and get rid of them.Remove all the broken links from your website Google sees your website as an unmaintained one if you have broken links. This is the last thing that you want for your webpage. You can also get penalized. Thus, remove them as soon as possible.

  1. Redirect all the 404 Errors from your website:

To increase online site traffic, one must find all the 404 errors on their website. There are several tools that can help you fetch these errors.Redirect all the 404 Errors from your website Once you find them, you have redirect them to a live page. WordPress has redirection plugins which will help you in doing so. Just like broken links, 404 errors also impact your website’s credibility negatively. They also hinder user-experience. Thus it is crucial to redirect them.

  1. Google Analytics:

Another important thing to consider in terms of SEO website traffic is the need of setting up Google Analytics. It helps you track down all the tiny details of your content. For instance, you can analyze which content of yours is doing great and how much traffic you are getting through paid sources vs organic traffic and much more. Google Analytics helps you monitor a lot which can give a great boost to your business.Google Analytics

However, do keep this in mind; Google Analytics is not going to directly affect your website traffic. It will aid you in understanding the source of your traffic, the keywords that are helping you generate more audience and the content which is standing out. This data can help you create a more powerful strategy for your website and flourish better.

  1. Your About Us Page must have the right keywords:

If you didn’t write your About Us page with a lot of effort and attention, then it is important to redo it. Google pays attention to this page a lot as it helps the search engine understand more about you. Your About Us Page must have the right keywordsTherefore, using the right keywords in this piece of content can really help you boost your business. It will aid in generating more traffic to your website and specifically to the about us page. If it is written well, and is compelling enough then the visitors might explore your website too.

  1. Blog Section is Crucial:

Many website do not have a blog section and we will like to stress upon it. If you don’t have one; create one now. A blog section allows you to create content and add keywords to them which will help you rank.Blog Section is Crucial See the difference it can make? Also, if you put up useful content, your clients will appreciate this effort and maybe they will share it ahead with people they know too? A blog section is a must-have on your website, if you want to rank higher.

  1. Publish long content:

This is a great SEO increase traffic trick that many don’t know. A content that is longer than 2000 words is more likely to rank higher than short content. Publish long contentAdd stats, facts and relevant data to your content and it will boom your website’s presence amazingly. Adding infographics will also help you boost your content’s visibility and drive in more traffic. Your content will create more authority and thus, your website will get prominent in the internet world.

  1. 2% Keyword Density is a MUST:

Keywords are a crucial element of search engine optimization. The keyword density refers to the number of times your keyword appears in your content. It is recommended that you must have a density of 2% for primary keywords and at least 1.5% density for secondary keywords, to make your content rank. You can use tools to check your keyword density before publishing it.2% Keyword Density is a MUST

Make sure that you do not over stuff keywords. You can let an expert read through your content to let you know the errors. The right keyword density is a magnet for your website traffic. Google gets an indication from this that you create relevant, meaningful and good content and thus, your website must be ranked higher. Therefore, do not overlook the importance of keyword density at any cost.

  1. Update your Old Content:

Updating your old content is another SEO important secret that many don’t know about. If you have a 12 months old content lying on your website, you can update it a bit, make some changes to it and republish it. You can also add new images.Update your Old Content

Why do this? Well, older content is OLD for Google and it won’t recognize it. Google starts pushing your old content down the list. Thus, if you refresh your old content and add some relevant information to it, along with good visuals, you can keep traffic coming in. this will help you stay on the top always! You don’t have to do much. Just a few, good changes and images can do the task. If you have relevant data to add to it; go ahead.

  1. Combine Similar Content Pieces:

Sometimes, two pieces of content look quite similar. They can easily be merged into one article as they are providing almost the same data.Combine Similar Content Pieces For instance, you might have written one 15 months back and then you wrote something quite similar, say 4 months back. If you merge the two together, you will be able to get a long form content which is the key to getting traffic. It will appear better and Google will recognize it faster. Also, a bigger content gets more links too. Thus, it is worth the effort.

  1. Create Infographics:

Infographics are a huge trend these days and they are not going anywhere, anytime soon. Thus, why not make use of them? Also, Google loves high quality infographics in content and pushes you higher! Yet another amazing reason to invest some time and effort into it.Create Infographics

Readers have started loving infographics too as it helps them understand the content faster and better. It also boosts the user experience. Therefore, as Google knows all of this, it ranks the content higher which has high quality infographics in them. You will automatically get in more traffic too.


Well, these are just some of the most essential secrets of SEO that we have unleashed for your benefit. If your website is not gaining traffic; it will soon be lost in the sea of other websites and Google will keep pushing you down if you are not making the right moves. You can easily increase site traffic with Softrick Solutions too as they offer SEO experts, within a good budget to make the life-changing difference to your business. Do not settle for the ordinary. To make your name, you have to invest in terms of effort and money both. Thus, make the right move now so that you can reap the benefits in the coming times.