If you are thinking of focusing on only one channel for your business lead generation then there is no better option than LinkedIn. All the fact numbers show that LinkedIn is an amazing platform for all kinds of B2B marketers and so much more! Here the conversion rates are higher with a lower cost per lead compared to other advertising networks. Here we will tell you about all there is to know about lead generation on LinkedIn and some tools that can help you do just that a little more efficiently. We will also delve into some details about some paid and free strategies that you should be looking at as well.

Here are some of the 5 amazing rising trends you can try your hands at!

Video marketing

Video marketing

These days everybody knows that videos make for an interesting and attention-grabbing lead generation even on LinkedIn. Video marketing will without a doubt help you build an open communication line with your audience and customers while developing your brand and making a name for yourself.

Shoot 1-minute videos to show people what your brand is about. It is an amazing technique in attracting good quality leads to grow your business. Video marketing creates an emotional bond between your brand and the viewers that guarantees their future collaboration with your brand.

Here’s an idea you can post small seconds videos daily on your LinkedIn company page to show your audience a little sneak peek of what goes on in your company, it helps them look at your brand in a different light. There are many brands out there that do not offer any inside information about their brand and hence loos any interest the audience has in their brand. Transparency is what your brand should aim for between your brand and your audience or customers.

Host webinar videos to feature your brand events, if they are done right they can create a bridge of trust and authority in your industry or niche. New developments in videos can also help you get some insights about trending news, that helps other companies make knowledgeable decisions that will lead them to success. Even recaps of past events to create better engaging content by keeping your audience in the know. It is just an amazing way to announce and share information with your customers.

Mobile optimized videos:

Mobile optimized videos

It is not news the world is going mobile literally. So to grow its platform LinkedIn is creating mobile-friendly videos that people will tap onto every hour of every day. One of the smart things to do in the work of marketing is to make your LinkedIn videos mobile-friendly to rope in that 67%of people that surf the internet on mobiles daily. Also, make sure that you have a feature of the sound off because most of the videos on cell phones on LinkedIn are played without any sound.

Here is a tip for you make sure that the videos you post on LinkedIn are square so they take less space instead of landscape videos


As a marketer, you must get as many people as possible interested in your brand, business, or your niche. Using the LinkedIn platform to do that will increase your leads by triple in no time. As there is such a big influx of people on how do you filter them and categorize your content at the same time? This is where you use hashtags. With LinkedIn hashtags, you can easily leverage the marketing efforts whilst making it easy for the audience to find or look for you. You can use hashtags in your content and videos to increase your presence to the right audience. Furthermore, hashtags are a formidable power o would for you to search for relevant information and conversations to participate in and use the comments to drive traffic towards your website with quality leads in the mix and market your brand. Softrick Solutions is here to help you with the LinkedIn Marekting.

Boosting interest in your brand through LinkedIn groups:

Boosting interest in your brand through LinkedIn groups

Sharing content on LinkedIn groups is the best way to seek out potential leads, get new business and develop joint partnerships as well as deepen your connections. So the key to building strong online business relationships, you need to seek out places and groups on LinkedIn that will add value and engage your audience in conversations. That is exactly what LinkedIn groups give you a chance to do. So if you are asking yourself what should you post on these groups to become popular and get the right exposure? Don’t worry we have your back!

Regularly comment and share posts, like ask questions and connect with those who are commenting underneath comments

  • Ask questions because people love to help!
  • Post your own content that is original and engaging

This is a perfect way to engage more people in conversations to create deeper and trustworthy business relationships and learn new marketing techniques to drive leads.

Encourage your employees to reach on LinkedIn:

Encourage your employees to reach on LinkedIn

Employees are the best source to drive in more leads, so if you have LinkedIn marketing services employees well! You can utilize them to reach on social media platforms to market your business successfully. Think of your employees as your brand ambassadors. You should ask our employees to share your brand marketing content on their own personal pages. Many of the companies are using this technique and frankly, it’s working!

So make your employees your brand ambassadors to elevate their interest but to bring quality leads to bringing back quality leads to you.

So what are you waiting for? Create good quality videos and make your presence known and add value to your brand continuously. Take time to strategize a participation plan in LinkedIn groups that will help you develop new business relationships as well as new opportunities to expand your business and deepen more connections.

Start using these tips today! And continue to watch out for more LinkedIn trends to stay on top of every new successful funnel lead generator.

These were some of the free strategies for finding leads on linked in let’s see some of the paid strategies for finding leads on linked in!

If you do not have the time or the resources to opt for free strategies for finding leads on LinkedIn consider these amazing and easy paid platform advertisement options.

Sponsored content:

Sponsored content is LinkedIn’s own ad format. These ads run on the feeds of LinkedIn across your desktop and cellphones to target the audience that you specify or want to reach out to. Many of the LinkedIn formats include single image ads, video ads, and carousel image ads. Or you can use direct sponsored content on your LinkedIn feed to a targeted audience without publishing it on your LinkedIn page to showcase it. This is especially useful if you want to run the same ad with some little variations to target a different audience.

Sponsored email:

This method is used to reach your targeted audience directly via personalized messages or emails through your LinkedIn messenger.

With the help of personalized email sponsorship, you can invite potential leads to webinars or events to promote your products or business/ services and encourage people to download eBooks and other effective resources.

But keep in mind that sponsored in-mail messages LinkedIn marketing companies are only deliverable to the targeted audience if they are active.

Lead generation forms:

Forms for lead generation can be added to your sponsored LinkedIn content or in the mail to collect more leads while staying on the same platform without needing to ask the visitors to go off-site to fill out the form. Use your resources in exchange for their information that is the oldest trick in the LinkedIn in lead generation world.

Did you know that linked in automatically fills the form with the user’s data so they can sign up more easily without wasting and taking too much effort? This way there is ales chance of the user losing interest and leaving halfway filling your LinkedIn form for lead generation.

Dynamic advertisements:

This advertisement appears on the sidebar on the LinkedIn page and can be worked in a few various ways. One type is a follower ad that inspires the targeted audience to follow your LinkedIn page. Another type is a spotlight ad that is very similar to follower ads but directs users to your site with a help of a landing page link that is known as a clear call to action. Similarly, content ads give the users the freedom to download content such as eBooks and other resources that leads information directly to the linked-in campaign manager.

Display ads:

These are the image advertisements that run on the right column of your screen as well as above the fold. According to statistics users are more likely to interact with content when it is on both sponsored content and display ads.

Even these two paid lead generations’ techniques are used on their own statistics show that display ads are effective in advertising for B2B business successfully.

Now that we have talked about some of the techniques on how you can increase your lead generation on LinkedIn let’s see what are the spectacular benefits of all this!

One question that you might ask yourself! Why bother using LinkedIn to increase your lead generations? Well, we are here to tell you otherwise. So keep on reading to know the amazing benefits of the world of LinkedIn and more!

In a simple world, you will not find a more professional platform where people are serious about making their business a success instead of just trying to connect with everybody just for fun. So if you want to level up your business LinkedIn is just what you need.

Did you know that over 20% d people on linked in making buying decisions for their business on a daily business, that adds up to a total count of approximately 61 million influencers and 40 million decisions makers you have the chance of connecting with? With this number in your mind, how can you not think that LinkedIn is the perfect place to target your audience?

Active users!

LinkedIn in total has 500 million users and over half that amount actively uses that platform daily for more than an hour. This means that there is a whole new tap of potential leads that you could take advantage of!

LinkedIn lead generations convert more leads with lower rates!

There are so many free ways to utilize LinkedIn to generate leads but even if you choose to pick the paid options you can still save big on running advertisement campaigns compared to other campaigns on other search engines or popular social media platforms.

Targeting the audience with LinkedIn has never been easier!

how you can increase your lead generation on LinkedIn

Linkedin has made targeting audiences just the way you want it. And we mean just the way you want it. You can tailor-make the targeting requirements according to your needs for any B2B lead generation! Targeting your audience in such a big group of people can be hard but LinkedIn had made it light work. So now you can easily target your audience with the selections of just a few options like:

  • Company
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Job title
  • Function
  • Seniority

Other social media platforms like Facebook only allow you to target your audience by employers and job title. Hence making it a less than ideal platform to increase your lead generations

The reason why LinkedIn lead generation is the number one choice for all B2B marketers!

The marketer’s guide states that almost 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to market their content. This means that LinkedIn is the right platform for you and to run your business successfully. We advise you do not waste this opportunity and let that 94% of your competitors overtake you!

Looking for more quality leads?

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