SEO is one of the most essential elements that a startup needs, to build its online presence and survive through the cut-throat competition.

The IT industry is filled with hundreds or maybe even thousands of SEO agencies right now. Each of these will claim to be the best SEO agency ever, promising to be your best bet.

A startup business needs to shape itself before it can aim for the higher vision. Search engine optimization helps bring it in shape. Focusing on the online aspect is crucial these days. However, at the same time, it has become very tough too. The competition is challenging as there are hundreds of startups and almost everyone is using online practices to get the visibility they need.

There is no fixed rule that can help you pick top SEO agency. There are tips that you will have to follow to determine that the service you are choosing is good. Yes, you have a lot of options but as you can only partner with one, you have to make sure that you are making the right pick.

Ways to choose the best SEO agency:

The right SEO services can help you make your online presence brighter and better. You have to be sure that you are investing in the right agency, so that the results pay off. If you are here because you are researching for the professional services, then you have dropped by the right place. Ways to choose the best SEO agencyWe will help you in understanding the steps that are needed to choose the right service for your business. It is a huge investment, so make sure that you take your time and don’t make a hurried decision.

Determine your Goals:

This is the most important question; why are you looking for SEO services? There are so many options out there but how do you know that the one you are picking is the one that is needed by you? Well, you determine your goals.Determine your Goals

Before you start researching for companies, here are two very important things to consider:

  • Understand your business goals properly
  • What are the desired outcomes that you are looking forward to?

The outcomes that you are trying to derive are very crucial and must be determined beforehand. For example, do you want to make your website rank higher or are you trying to get more sales?

Your objectives and ultimate outcomes will become the basis of the SEO strategies that are needed for your business. And this will also become the foundation of your research, for the best services. We highly recommend SEO service by Softrick Solutions as they have all the required traits that make an SEO agency stand out and capable of making your dreams come true.

What to look for in an SEO Agency?

There are innumerable options for hiring an SEO agency. However, there are some traits that can help you determine whether a company is worth hiring or not. We have listed the most important characteristics to look out for, in an agency.What to look for in an SEO Agency

  • A well-defined process:

The best SEO services have a well-defined process, which is followed to meet the strategies of your business. A professional company has outlined their winning procedures, which have worked for multiple clients. As the process is highlighted, it gives an idea to the potential customer, as to how the agency works.A well-defined process

Thus, while you are searching for the right services, make sure to question them about the process they use to work. This will give you an insight and you will be able to see whether your needs align with the process or not. In a nutshell, this means that every SEO agency that has excelled in the industry, has a defined process.

  • Team of Experts:

SEO is not all about keywords; it has various phases. It works best when all the experts are combined. SEO execution requires a lot of planning. It begins with generating ideas and goes into management and then implementation. Team of ExpertsThis is where team work is needed and it determines how your goals will be achieved. The top SEO agency will make their team public. The specialists would be mentioned on the website and you can have a look at it whoever it included in it.

  • Diverse Client Portfolio:Diverse Client Portfolio

SEO strategies are hard to plan, create and execute. Planning the right ones is crucial but it takes a lot of effort and time. The biggest indication of a company being professional is that they display their clientele base. A website cannot comprise all the clients (obviously) but showing the top projects, is a must. This is a common characteristic amongst the best agencies.

But how does this help?But how does this help

First, it shows the experience of the company. It helps you make a decision. Secondly, it builds trust in the customer’s mind and boosts the company’s credibility too. Thus, it can be a good sign if the agency has their clientele base on display.

  • Customer Testimonials:

Customers who are satisfied with the service they avail, are willing to give a testimonial to the company. For instance, if an agency is able to boost your sales, derive more traffic to your website and generate leads for you; would you give them a testimonial? Well, you would, wouldn’t you?Customer Testimonials

When you are choosing an SEO agency, it is important to surf through the website and look for customer testimonials. The best companies will have their happy customers displayed on their web, stating the reality about their services. Thus, this is yet another common trait to look out for in SEO services.

  • Thought Leadership:

SEO is all about latest trends and if your business follows them, you can reach the heights of success. Thus, while you are researching for an SEO company, you have to make sure that the company is following all the latest trends. Trends have a huge impact on rankings and the amount of traffic you are able to bring to your website. Therefore, if an agency is not following the latest trends; it is not worth it.Thought Leadership

Mostly, the best SEO Company has its latest trends displayed on the forefront. They share insights to social media, blogs and research papers which have helped them maintain their thought leadership in the IT industry. Make sure that the company you choose is up to date and is working on the latest trends, as the market is.

  • Clear Company Culture:

Having a clear company culture is very important for an SEO agency. A company might have all the above mentioned traits but it might not be fitting your company’s culture. The reality is that your company’s value should align with the agency that you want to hire. Only then, it will be a success. If the people you work with, do not align with your values and work ethics, then you won’t be a good fit for each other.Clear Company Culture

Thus, to avoid any future misconceptions, the best SEO services have their company culture displayed on their website. This will let you know whether you work culture aligns with them or not and will save you from any future distortions.

By looking into these 6 traits, you can easily choose the top SEO agency for your business and give it the boost that it has been missing.


We have outlined the basic characteristics of a professional SEO agency for you. If you explore an SEO agency website, step by step, through our guide, you will be able to find the best bet for yourself, within no time. However, be patient with yourself and explore your choices with ease. There is nothing to be hurried about. You can also check the SEO service by Softrick Solutions as they are one of the best names in the IT industry at the moment.SEO service by Softrick Solutions

Just remember one key; you don’t need the best SEO agency. You need an agency that works for you and is able to bring you, your desired outcomes.