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Learn how to write SEO-friendly blog posts the easy way with softrick solutions!

10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post

Enhance your user skills by writing optimized blog posts for search engines as well as users. Many people think that it is not as much a complicated process to write blogs but nothing could be further than the truth. At Softrick Solutions, we follow simple easy to understand steps to publishing a friendly SEO-optimized blog….

Top 8 helpful tips that will make your LinkedIn b2b lead generation easy work!

LinkedIn b2b lead generation

LinkedIn has been a dark horse in regards to┬áB2B LinkedIn lead generation┬átargeting. At first, it did not gain any popularity but now LinkedIn is counted as one of the most important programs for building business and jobs opportunities worldwide. It has the most relevant consumer content than any other destination for users. You can easily…

Easy 10 steps on how to build a brand online with LinkedIn b2b lead generation!

LinkedIn b2b Lead Generation

LinkedIn is now an important part of our social media interaction. It has turned into a primary hub for lead generations and connections that create the tools that help our brand get the brand awareness it needs in the professional business world. Did you know that according to many reports and statistics LinkedIn ranks at…

How to start a Successful Ecommerce Business from Scratch?

In these times when the companies are going towards downsizing the stressors at the workplace and intimidate challenges are quite hectic. Most of the people are going towards the establishment of their businesses. When it comes to the business the first thing that will just cross your mind will be investments, stockings, and the other…


Covid-19 has moved the world and negative impacts on health, economies, and businesses have been larger than ever. Where a lot of people were hopeful that the virus will make its way out by the end of 2020, no such miracle is expected to happen in the near future. As the second wave has hit…