Interested in selling products to this country? In this article, we will give you the answers to the most burned questions about UK Dropshipping! The United Kingdom is the home of progress. The Industrial Revolution began exactly in Great Britain and spread all over the world at Break neck’s speed. Nowadays, the digital revolution is assuming the world at an even greater pace. And the UK cannot stand aside while it is happening. About 70 million people are living in this country, with all necessary civil liberties, and a stable and fast Internet connection. In other words, Great Britain is a large market for e-commerce entrepreneurs. To fill that gap, we have decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about Dropshipping in the United Kingdom. Then, let’s start with Softrick Solutions.

1. Do I need to register my Dropshipping business in the United Kingdom?

Legal Dropshipping in the United Kingdom?

How does Dropshipping work

Yes, DropShipping is just a business model, so it is legal. Does it mean that, if you want to start a Dropshipping business in the UK, you have to register it? This question annoys most of the new reaches of Dropshipping based in the United Kingdom. And the short answer is yes. You need to register your company online in the United Kingdom if you want to obtain any legal consequences. The good news is that it is not a big problem. There are three rudimentary business structures in Great Britain:

  • Single merchant
  • Camaraderie
  • Limited Liability Society

If you want to find out what each of them involves, you can easily find the necessary information online. However, I will take the freedom to say that the most appropriate option for Dropshipping store owners is to become a unique merchant. It is really easy and quick to configure this business structure and operate it. You only need to register with HM income and customs for self-assessment and tax returns and you are ready.

2 How can I find the best suppliers for Dropshipping in the United Kingdom?

How can I find the best suppliers for Dropshipping in the United Kingdom

It is difficult to minimize the importance of reliable dropshipping suppliers for your business’s success. The quality of the selling products, the satisfaction of its customers, and many other things depend on the suppliers with which it cooperates. Therefore, in search for a credible business partner could be a real pain in the neck for online businessmen. You can find many companies that offer Dropshipping services to the databases of Internet providers. However, it can be quite difficult to associate with such suppliers. Usually, they have a list of requirements you need to meet. Apart from that, there could be some legal procedures that have to suffer that it is too overwhelmed for newcomers.

Another common problem related to the Dropshipping of the United Kingdom is the delivery time. From now on, the sending of China to the United Kingdom with free delivery options and even a series of remunerated options takes between 20 and 50 days. Taking into account that dropshipping faces are much more difficult than selling affordable, these options can hardly be viable.

However, China’s long shipping time is not a big problem. Also, you can easily reduce it!

Even if you cannot find faster shipping for the products you want to manage and you must use the standard options, be sure to notify the clients of the delivery time. Otherwise, you will have to deal with many complaints from customers who did not expect to wait so long.

3. What taxes should I pay when Dropshipping in the United Kingdom?


Another common question is that you have to pay taxes on dropshipping to the United Kingdom. And the answer is, of course, you do it! The United Kingdom, like many other developed countries, has a tributary system complex. And it is difficult to cover the whole problem in an article. However, there are four main types of mandatory payments, all the United Kingdom Ecommerce Entombreneur has to deal with while Dropshipping in the United Kingdom.

  • Income tax
  • Sales tax
  • VAT in products
  • Customs duty

Income tax

The income tax is a tax that the Government of the United Kingdom imposes on its profits. In other words, it is part of your income, you must go to HM income and customize it.

Great Britain has a progressive tax system. That revenues that your income can be divided into four parts called bands. And each band has its name and tax rate. Here are, according to the official website of the Government of the United Kingdom:

  • Personal Assignment: 0% for your income up to £ 12,500
  • Basic rate: 20% – £ 12.501 to £ 50,000
  • Highest rate: 40% – £ 50.001 to £ 150,000
  • More rates: 45% for income more than £ 150,000

Therefore, you pay different percentages from different parts of your income. Customs directory and VAT at Dropshipping in the United Kingdom

VAT, or value-added tax, is a tax on consumption evaluated in added value to goods and services. It is used in many countries, including the United Kingdom. Now that the kingdom has left the EU, customs and fiscal regulations have changed. Then, if you want to start or continue dropshipping after Brexit, here is what you should know.

Is it compulsory to register a Dropshipping business for VAT ?

Yes, any business that sells products sent from abroad directly to UK customers without using online markets must be registered for HMRC VAT. Therefore, China Dropshipping companies to the United Kingdom must register. The same happens with the drop shippers that sell goods from EU countries.

Previously, companies were exempt from VAT and did not have to register unless their annual income were below £ 85,000. But you must register for VAT, no matter what income your business performs.

4. Is there anything complicated in the UK Dropshipping?

As you can see, the consequences of Brexit for sellers abroad are not exactly positive. When leaving the European Union, Great Britain made it more difficult for foreign companies to sell goods in the Kingdom.

Previously, one could dropship products from warehouses located in Europe, but now this maneuver will not change anything. However, UK Dropshipping remains a popular business idea. And despite the new rules, you can still earn money selling products to the premises. But you’ll have to adapt. First, despite Brexit, the goods of European stores should still be brought whenever possible. You will still have to pay taxes, but it will significantly shorten your shipping time.

To keep the wrath of your customers at bay and avoid misunderstanding, you must inform your UK customers about the possible rates you could find.

Dropshipping Store Development.


dropshipping store development is an extremely popular business model for new entrepreneurs, especially gene Zers and Millennials, due to Internet marketing skills that exceed their financial capacity. Since you do not need to store or handle the items that you are selling, it is possible to start a direct shipping business with limited funds.

An eCommerce website that operates a direct shipping model buys the items that sell from a third-party provider or manufacturer, which then meets the order. This not only reduces operating costs but also its time is also released to focus all your efforts on the acquisition of customers. If you are ready to start a business that can compete with retail giants, and do it on a limited budget, then follow the six steps below.

1. Select a niche.

The niche you select must be focused on laser and something interesting. A range of products that are not focused on will be difficult to market. If you do not passionate about the niche you select, it will be more appropriate to discourage yourself, since you need a lot of work to successfully scalar a shipping business. Here are some pointers when selecting your niche:

Benefits of Shopify store.

  • When you are running a direct shipping business model, your attention is on the acquisition of marketing and customer, so the amount of work required to sell an item of $ 20 is essentially as well as being to sell an item of $ 1,500 select a niche with lower price products.
  • The low shipping costs are very important. Even though your provider or manufacturer will handle the shipment, if the cost is too high, it will act as a customer repellent. Find something economical to send, as this also gives you the option to offer free shipping to your customers and absorb that cost as a commercial expense to attract more sales.
  • Make sure your product is attacked to boost buyers with available income. When you focus on driving traffic to your website, you want to experience the highest possible conversion rate because most visitors will never return. The products you are selling should trigger boost purchases and appeal to those with the financial capacity to purchase in place.
  • Make sure people are actively looking for their product. Use Google’s keyword planner to verify some common search terms related to your potential niche. If nobody is looking for what is planning on sale, it is dead in the water before starting.
  • Create your brand. Your direct shipping business will have more value if you can rebrand. Look for a product or line that can label blank and sell as your brand with custom containers and brands.
  • Sell ​​something that is not available locally. Choose something that your client can not find on the street.

2. Investigate the competition.

Remember, Shopify store names will compete with other direct delivery operations, as well as retail giants, such as Walmart and Amazon. This is where many potential fall carriers are wrong because they look for a product that has little or no competition

There are many reasons why a product might not have much competition, including high shipping costs, suppliers and manufacturing problems, or bad-benefit margins. Look for products that have competition, since it is a sign that there is a great demand and the business model is sustainable.

3. Secure a provider.

Partnering with the wrong provider can ruin your business, so you mustn’t hurry this step. Perform adequate due diligence. Most drop shipping providers are located abroad, which makes communication extremely important, both in terms of response speed and the ability to understand each other. If you do not have 100 percent secure in the communication skills of a potential provider, continue and continue with your search.

There are many information sources available, from business and technology blogs to this subnet on direct delivery. It is a popular theme that can help you avoid costly supplier errors.

4. Build your e-commerce website.Build your e-commerce website.

The fastest way to launch a direct shipping business model is to use a simple e-commerce platform, such as Shopify. For Shopify store development you do not need a technical fund to climb and run, and you have many applications to help increase sales. Once you are set and enter the income, then you can explore the additional customization of the website.

5. Create a customer acquisition plan.Create a customer acquisition plan.

Having a great product and a website is excellent, but without customers who seek to buy, do not have a business. There are several ways to attract potential customers, but the most effective option is to start a Facebook advertising campaign.

This allows you to generate sales and income from the beginning, which can contribute to the rapid scale. Facebook allows you to place your offer directly in front of a highly specific audience. This gives you the ability to compete with larger brands and retailers immediately.

It also has to think long-term, so the optimization of search engines and email marketing should also be a focus. Collect emails from the start and configure the automated email sequences that offer discounts and special offers. It is an easy way to take advantage of its existing customer base and generate income without advertising and additional marketing expenses.

6. Analyze and optimize.Analyze and optimize.

You must track all available data and metrics to grow your business. This includes Google Analytics and Facebook conversion data if that is its main customer acquisition channel. You will never have an advertisement or established marketing solution. You must constantly try new opportunities and adjust the current campaigns, which allows you to know when to optimize or change the expenditure of the campaign.