One-page websites are far more popular. They offer their online visitors a clear and fast information access experience with mobile-friendly UI and sleek designs. Now a day’s websites bombard their customers with so much content that they lose interest in a blink of an eye. The key is to keep it sweet and short. To relay maximum information with optimizes content on the simplicity of one-page website.

Many large successful websites employ the technique of Single page website development for lots of pages and content. Using WordPress you can make your websites easy to navigate in n time at all! Don’t worry it is not as daunting as you think. All you need are the right guidelines and you are all set. And even then if you feel intimidated, Softrick Solutions are here for you to solve all your website problems!

So let us dive into all things that are Single page website designs

What is Single page website?

What is Single page website

single-page website is also called a one-page website. It means exactly what it is named after. It is a website that is navigated through one page. It has no additional pages like the about and contact pages. All the user has to do is keep scrolling down to get all the information he needs from the website. It makes the website concise, to the point and direct. The Single page website development created a more fluid experience for all its users.

Why do you need a single-page website design?

Why do you need a single-page website design?

These days more and more Single page websites are using the Single page website. With the linear information streamline your users stay more focused on the content of the website. This reduces the risk of the user stumbling on something and losing track of the original information streamlining itself. The Single page website development. Becomes a call to action that convinces the users to keep scrolling down for more information. This is perfect to target youngsters and mobile users. Did you know that around 89% of people use their cell phones to search websites? Hence all the websites must be desktop as well as mobile-friendly a drive all that traffic. They are amazing for all sorts of business types.

Should you be using Single page website designs?

Should you be using Single page website designs

How do you know that Single page scrolling website is the right move for your website? Before you go ahead and create one, make sure that it is what your website needs. Here are some tips that help you determine if Single page scrolling website is the right option for you.

A single-page website is a superb choice for you if you don’t have a ton of content to relay or if it is closely related to each other. Like:

  • Personal websites
  • An online portfolio or resume page
  • Freelancer page
  • Onetime events

When not to use Single page website designs?

When not to use Single page website designs

Just like you should know when to use a single-page website. You should know when not to use it. If you have a lot of information to give your online visitors about different products or services that you offer then a Single page website design is not a match for you.

How to create a single-page scrolling website

How to create a single-page scrolling website

So you have decided to make your own Single page scrolling website? Great! Let’s see how you can do it and what steps you need to take to make one like a pro on your first time

Softrick Solutions will teach you how to create your Single page scrolling website. The simplest and the easiest way possible. Let’s start by clicking on the New option present on your WordPress dashboard and further selecting the Page option. After your page has opened select the edit in Elementor option. While in Elementor editor click on the icon that says library that will open a template library for you. You can select any template and use that template as the foundation of your page.

The first step is to create a menu

The first step is to create a menu (1)

After choosing a template you will see that the page now includes a section. These sections include:

  • Home
  • Features
  • About
  • Our CEO
  • Destinations
  • Photo gallery
  • Subscribe
  • Contact us

These are the most basic section you want in your menu that visitors will refer to. If you want to rename some of the sections you can do that easily by simply right-clicking on the section handle of each section and choosing the edit section. Or you can access the editor panel in the advanced tab through the menu of your page, in that you will find an option called CSS ID, now all you have to do now is enter the name you want and you are done!

Now that’s out of our way let’s move on to building your page menu

Now thats out of our way lets move on to building your page menu

By using the finder’s tool to access the menu options on the WordPress dashboard or you can just use a shortcut key that is ctrl+E. after naming the menu click on create menu. For adding the menu items you need to click on the custom links button and enter the website URL with a # at the start of the URL in the URL field. Then enter the menu title as you would like to appear on the page of your website.

When you are done naming the items in your menu you will need to assign a location you would like the menu option to appear on your website, using the menu settings and checking the primary checkbox and clicking save to save the menu.

Next comes the header/footer of your Single page website development

Next comes the headerfooter of your Single page website development

To add header and footer on your Single page website development. You will find use a theme builder that is present just under the option of templates section on the WordPress dashboard. The instruction to create a header is the same to create a footer. So learning how to do header is much more time-saving!

In the theme builder option click on ADD NEW. A dialogue box will appear on your screen form which you can either select header or footer and give it a name then click on the create template button to create a header and a footer. Then from the template gallery select a design that suits your style and requirement and click insert.

Once you are done designing your header and footer, you are going to click on a PUBLISH option at the bottom of the editor panel. If you want this option to appear on your website the entire time on sight then select the option in the dialogue box that appears next after that you can click on save and voila you are done!

Add a logo!

This is the most fun and crucial part of creating your Single page website development. A logo is what sells your business it is the identity of your brand. Return to the Elementor  mode, you can replace the logo with an icon box. In the editor panel, you can change the icon to an anchor from the library icon by clicking on the icon page.

Amazing tips to make your Single page website development a hit!

Simplicity is the best option. The whole Single page website idea is to keep it simple. Presentation is the key to the visual attraction of the Single page scrolling website the most important thing to keep in mind is here is the less is more. Think of the main message you want to relay to your visitors. Your text and content should be concise and easy to read. The visitors of your website should be able to find what they need right from the start. To make this easier you can think through the point of view. What essential information would you need right away if you were visiting your website for the first time? Follow the 5 W and you will be golden!

  • Who
  • What
  • Why
  • When
  • Where

An average online browser takes about 15seconds to develop an interest in your website which means you have a window of 15 sec to catch their attention. So think! Make your content to the point so that a visitor can skim what they want to skim from your text in 15 sec.

The structure is important!

The structure is important!

Make your content more logical and effective by sectioning it into segments. By creating a functional structure in your content your users can easily navigate through the information they are looking for. Many people follow the cone reason procedure to compartmentalize the information. Start with the relevant information that should be relevant and top priority according to your business at the top of your website. Then gradually move on to other more specific information that supports your content. Always remember the important information comes at the start and the less important comes at the bottom.

Visuals make it easier!

Visuals make it easier!

Did you know that rather than reading people are more focused on visuals? About 65% of people that visit your website are visual learners. No matter how amazing your textual content is you need some visuals to liven your page up. If you don’t break the content with engaging visuals your visitors can get bored pretty fast. You can use:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slideshows

They should be colorful and appealing. You can even use small tutorials to support your content as well.

User-friendly UI

User-friendly UI

Your page visitors should be able to navigate your Single page website easily. You need to keep it user-friendly or the users will get frustrated fast and leave your website. Navigation helps the users get o the specific information fast and efficiently. You can use anchor links to jump to different points on the same website instead of making them visit different pages on your website.

A strong call to action

Call of actions that tell the users where to go and what to do are very important for every website and Single page website is no exception. A good and convicting prompt will make your users want to sign up for your newsletters or download their apps